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Default RAC Fault Code P1260 Fuel Pressure Supply Low

I let the fuel on my diesel CDTi get too low, and struggled to start. I got to the garage and filled up but then it wouldn't start at all. The RAC got me going with EasyStart and letting out all the gunge and water under the fuel filter.

Having got home, some four hours later it wouldn't start again.

The RAC returned and diagnosed the fault as above. The RAC man checked the fuel pipe connection inder the back seat, which seemed ok.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going to change the fuel filter, just in case that is preventing the appropriate fuel pressure to get to the sensors.

If that doesn't work and before spending a lot of money with someone to source the problem and then fix it, does anyone have any other ideas?


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I believe the symptoms you describe are typical of a failing fuel pump. The in-tank pump is sensitive to the fuel level when it begins to lose its pumping pressure. There may be another pump under the bonnet (?). This one is also part of the recognised diesel pump issue. Pump replacement is the usual fix.

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