About the 75 and the ZT

The Rover 75 was the last all-new production vehicle to appear from the combine that was known in its final form as MG Rover. Commissioned by then owners BMW the 75 led an adventurous life; first built at Cowley it moved to Longbridge, shed it's calm exterior to reveal a rather more sporting side in its MG iteration, begat a Tourer and grew nine inches for a long wheelbase version, and finally bowing out in 2005 with a 4.6-litre V8 rippling the tarmac in typical British style.

In many ways the 75 and ZT personified the British style of a modern car. Classically styled exterior, carefully trimmed and restrained inside, a mix of modern electronics with experienced chassis and suspension work, the Rover and MG models had so much to be commended to surprised and delighted newcomers to the marques.

Away from the tired jokes and misconceptions, first-time drivers and passengers would remain eerily silent at the unexpected quality they were experiencing - and would convert most into owners or at least appreciative supporters of these fine motor cars.

History already shows that the makers of these vehicles ultimately couldn't survive. But it will also show the success of the 75 and ZT, arguably the finest built executive saloon from the company since the heyday of the P6, and with the work of the owners club will also keep the enduring appeal of these superb machines alive and strong.

The Rover 75 & MG ZT Owners Club Ltd 2006-2023