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Christopher - Owner & Club Director

Christopher found his perfect car in a Rover 75 (R70 FVE) in July 2005 after a succession of meaningless connections with Ford cars and an odd phase when he drove a Datsun Sunny Station Wagon in deepest darkest New Zealand!

He originated from sunny Malta and is a biomedical engineer by profession, he spends his days devising new and exciting ways of measuring the outputs of people's brains (it is easier in some than in others!) has a Maltese wife, a New Zealand born son and a Canadian born daugther. Together with his 8 cats and 1 (slightly nervous) cockatiel they all live in Rugby. He now spends his weekends trying to make R70 FVE shine even more than it does and adding that ultimate accessory. For the club he sorts out the webpages and administers the running of the site.

Pete - Club Director

Well known for many things, and pretty much none of them pleasant or printable, Pete was the creator of the first web site for the club. His Rover 75 was in fact a landmark as it was the first purchase he made of notable taste. Sadly he has been unable to repeat this feat to date.

After an extended period away Pete has returned to the club, his 75 now accompanied by a ZT.


Reebs - Administrator / Lead Moderator

Reebs, or Paul to his friends, first came into Rover 75 ownership in 2001 with the purchase of a pre-launch Copperleaf Red Connoisseur SE. Thoroughly smitten, he then changed it for the first of what would become four Monogram Lagoon Supertallic cars.

The V6 derivative seems to run in his blood, as three have a 2.5 KV6 power plant under the bonnet, and one has a mighty 4.6 litre motor. Paul says, the only problem these days is deciding which car to take, the smooth elegance of the 75, the sporty practicality of the ZT-T 190 tourer, the more modern styling of the ZT 180 Sports Auto, or the sheer muscle power of the ZT 260 V8.

Away from his cars, Paul spends much of his time attending to the daily operation of the club forums, liasing directly with Christopher and helping guide the rest of the team.

Dragrad - Moderator

Dragrad, a.k.a. Andrew, to those that know him, first went looking for a diesel car to suit his lifestyle. He had a 220 diesel and was impressed by that, but needed a larger car to cope with his requirements in the voluntary work he does in his community with events etc. So in July 2007 he set about looking for a car to suit his needs. He eventually settled on the R75 Tourer CDT and on the day he bought it, he subscribed as a member of the club.

Although suffering some severe setbacks in the first 2 years of ownership (due to the previous owner being duped by their garage) he is happily driving around in his chosen steed. With the up-grades, preventative 'medicine' and Mods provided by this great Club, the car is a totally different beast from the mild mannered one he bought. With the elegant ambiance of the car, the power and the total lack of 'road rage' that the car imbues upon the driver, it was well worth the money spent.

Greeners - Moderator

Greeners or David as he was named by his parents is a man of many talents. In his time he has been a telecoms analyst, a florist, and an incident manager on the M25. No stranger to the MG Rover brand, his first purchase was a Trophy Blue ZT 190+ saloon when he joined the club in 2007. From there he acquired a Midnight Blue V6 ZT-T, and then took the plunge switching to a Starlight Silver MG ZT 260 V8 beast which he lovingly cherished for 2 years.

These days, David’s preferred mode of transport is a ZT CDTi diesel saloon finished in wonderful Monogram Chagall Supertallic paint. His knowledge of these cars is legendary within the club and his 13,000 plus posts are a testament to his commitment and willingness to help other members keep their cars on the road.

Parker - Moderator

Parker or Phil as he is known back home, first entered Rover ownership with a Silver 1.8 Rover 75 which he had for several years and took great pride in driving. Now however, Phil has migrated to the larger 2.5 V6 engine in the guise of a Starlight Silver Rover 75 Connoisseur SE with personal line Neptune Blue leather seats.

To say this car has been cherished would be an under statement, Parker maintains his 75 to the highest standards.

Simondi - Moderator

Simon has driven MG Rovers for the past 10 years and is now on his third model - a rather tasty ZT 190 SE. Prior to this he drove a 1.8 Classic SE which he had for around 6 years sadly it has now gone to the great garage in the sky.

Simon is married and lives with his wife and 2 kids in Kilwinning, Ayrshire on the Costa del Clyde. Forming part of the modding team he carries out general mod duties and has responsibility for the Regional Secretary programme

Sworks - Moderator

Mark chose his username Sworks because he owns the very first SPi Mini Cooper Si+ S Works. He started his apprenticeship with Austin Rover Group in 1987 and has worked as a fully qualified MG Rover, Hyundai, Fiat, Suzuki and Ford auto technician ever since.

He lives with his family in beautiful Cumbria, and having previously owned many MGR vehicles including two 75 Tourers, Mark was presented in December 2011 with an extremely rare Trophy Yellow Rover 75 Contemporary SE, by his wife and children as his Christmas present. This car had been one of two specially commissioned for the Warwickshire and Northampton air ambulance service, and it is now his pride and joy.

Regional Secretaries

actros - Club Shop Manager & Regional Secretary: Yorkshire

actros acquired his name from years of driving articulated lorries, but these days Brian helps the club by representing the Yorkshire members by helping to organise local meets in that part of the world.

Brian joined the club in 2006 and was quickly asked to take on the role of parking marshal at our national meets, he also manages the Club Shop. His current car is a facelift 75 Connoisseur SE CDTi in British Racing Green. It’s his fourth Rover 75 as he’s previously owned two saloons and a tourer.

andy8688 - Regional Secretary: West Midlands

Andy currently drives a Starlight Silver Rover 75 Connoisseur SE 1.8 as well as a 75 Connoisseur SE V8 in Odyssey Blue. Over the years he has owned a variety of Rovers including P4's a P5B and other marques, a Jaguar S type, E type, 1964 mustang convertible and a 2004 Mustang GT.

He says his favourite has to be the E-Type, a real head turner but not so good if you suffer with back problems! Cars are Andy’s passion and even from a very young age he was involved in stock car racing. His next project is to build a Cobra replica. Andy is the Regional Secretary for the West Midlands.

Bluejon - Regional Secretary: Cumbria & North Lancs

John has been a member of the club since it’s inception, and has taken his treasured ‘Blue’ to virtually every national meet we’ve held. His Royal Blue Club SE is a 1.8T auto, and has to be one of the most pampered cars in the country. John’s wife Jan has now also joined the ranks of 75 ownership with her Starlight Silver V6 saloon called ‘Silvervixen’.

Since becoming a regional secretary for the Cumbrian area, John’s passion and enthusiasm for the marque has grown yet further, organising some celebrated gatherings for the members in his region.

Colin NI - Regional Secretary: Ireland

Colin has an extremely understanding wife and a obsession for everything MG/Rover, he's now on his 9th ZT and 7th 75 since 2009. A love only rivalled by his pride of the home country he loves dearly. He currently owns a yellow ZT-T 190, two Rover 75's in v6 saloon and diesel tourer form, along with a Rover 25, Rover 45, concourse condition 1994 Rover 214 and a Freelander.

Situated in central Northern Ireland outside Antrim, he continuously works with many local charities, car shows & owners clubs to arrange enthusiast family friendly or petrol head dedicated events throughout both NI and the Republic of Ireland, cumulating each year with the annual Irish owners day at Tullymore Forest, Newcastle on the last Sunday of each August.

If you happened to need some advice on buying a car, he compiled the "Rover 75 and MG ZT Ultimate Buyers Guide" and happily helps local owners out with their car problems at nothing more than the cost of a doner kebab, with house sauce and a portion of chips!

Fusilier - Regional Secretary: The North East

Stuart or Fusilier as he’s known to club members following his 23 years in HM Forces is on to his second MG ZT. His first, a Raven Black 160 +, was bought in 2004 and he now owns a Trophy Blue model of the same specification.

Since becoming a regional secretary Stuart has helped organise several meets including three Father’s Day Rallies at Harewood House near Leeds, where club members had their own section within the larger event.

Graham1961 - Regional Secretary: Scotland East

Graham Cruickshank was delighted to represent Scotland East area of the club as Regional Secretary. He is no stranger to being behind the wheel as he works for Lothian NHS as a driver which includes patient transport, delivering meals and pharmacy items.

His hobby of cars began when he started driving in October 1978 and has owned a 1964 Mk1 Ford Cortina, 1971 Austin 1300, 1976 Ford Escort Mk2 1100, 1979 Ford Cortina Mk4, 1981 Ford Capri 1.6GL, 1985 Ford Capri 2000 Laser, 1987 BMW 316, Rover Metro, Rover 214 SLi and of course his current Rover 1.8 Connoisseur SE in Firefrost Red.”

harrisop48 - Regional Secretary: London South & West

Peter is a retired purchasing professional and has been married to his wife Sheila for 43 years. Both are avid London Welsh Rugby Fans. As well as organising meets for the South and West area of London, Peter is a keen Cyclist and owns ten plus bikes.(Apparently he can only ride one at a time !!!) When he's not driving in his Royal Blue diesel tourer, Peter loves car booting and Barney Bodging!

mamasboy - Regional Secretary: The South East

Bernard has driven many Rovers in his time from 214's to 420TD's, but he says his two 75’s are in a league of their own. As well as his Wedgwood Blue Connoisseur SE diesel saloon, he also owns a very shiny British Racing Green Connoisseur SE tourer which once belonged to a fellow club member.

Bernard became a regional secretary for the club in 2012, and is eager to help co-ordinate meets and events for members in Sussex and Kent, as well as helping with advice and support for anyone that needs it.

Nev The Bear - Regional Secretary: Bristol

Clyde joined the 75 and ZT club in March 2013 not long after buying his 75 in February. It was his first Rover of any sort and he very much enjoyed looking after his pride and joy. Now Clyde has progressed onto a ZT-T in British Racing Green which is a late registered 2007 car. He is very passionate about Rover 75s and MG ZTs and most weekends can be found at either a 75 ZT club meet, classic car show or tinkering with and polishing his car.

Nev The Bear as he is known on the forums, says he is very privileged to be the Regional Secretary for the Bristol area and is looking forward to arranging and attending more regional meets and getting to know lots of members and their cars.

Ratty - Regional Secretary: Devon & Cornwall

Allen joined the club in 2012 just before buying his 2005 Ski Blue Classic. Since then he has carried out a few modifications including fitting a walnut & leather wheel, walnut handbrake, and chrome door mirrors. He has yet to fit his set of door finishers.

Allen served an apprenticeship as a fitter welder then later joined the fishing industry ending up as the skipper of a 60ft Trawler. He has lived in Saltash, Cornwall for most of my life, and is a proactive organiser of local meets.

Scaramanga - Regional Secretary: South Wales

Lee's first experience of a Rover was as a passenger in his friends 75 tourer who described it to him as "A real mans' car". It was at this point that he sold his pink suziki jeep complete with flower stickers and bought his first 75 in August 2012.

Having hidden it up the road for 3 months before telling his wife, Lee is now on his 3rd 75; the proud owner of the 5th Gear car driven and appraised by Tiff Needel.

Known for driving places the long way round just to spend more time with his 75, he is happy to help organise regional meets in South Wales and swears this has nothing to do with being a safe distance from SWIMBO.

vindaloo - Regional Secretary: North West

vindaloo (or Jim) takes his name from his liking of a good curry rather than any Indian parentage and is the Regional Secretary for the North West of England, Until recently he owned a pre-production Copperleaf Red CDT Tourer originally an MGR Press car and featured in magazine and TV programme reviews in 2001. Jim has also owned 2 x low mileage 1.8T’s which have now been passed to new owners but the passion for Rover’s continues with his purchase of a 620ti which is currently undergoing an extensive restoration.

Jim organises two regular NW meetings each month and has organised garage days over the last 3 years in the Manchester area.

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