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Old 30th June 2020, 10:46   #1
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Default Repair boot plinth fixings

As I have time on my hands I thought I would put together a few pics of how I repaired the two outer fixings on my boot plinth.

This is what I was faced with, which I suspect many have experienced!

So first off, using a Dremel I cut a slot where I was fiting a new screw.
I had to make the slot a little longer, but didn't take a picture, sorry.

The screws I used were M6 Plastic Nylon Screws Round Head.

Then cut the replacement screw, note this is one I got wrong as the cut angle should be closer to 45deg

The screw is 'glued' in place, the glue is to bond the existing tab that the slot has been cut into for the screw as well as holding the screw in place.
This is the glue I used as it was what I had in the garage:

Having mixed the glue, insert the screw into it's new position and apply the glue around the screw head.
Note that the screw thread should be approx 90deg to the tab,

you can just see the original fixing at the far end and the new one looks roughly parallel to it.

Here is the finished job,

The plinth on my car has had both outer fixings replaced in this way.

Mods Fitted:
Cruise Control; FBH with GSM (was FrenchMike's Remote) & dash button; Rear Blind; In-line Thermostat; wired in front & rear cameras; Mercedes DRL +DRL2; twin horns, twin usb power outlets, digital coolant temperature readout, Real Walnut dash, Walnut & black leather steering wheel, Towbar.
Rear seat cup holders.

Mods to do: all done , need to come up with some more.
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Excellent fix.Its a very common problem on the MK2 boot plinth.Even ones for sale often say they have a broken lug.

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I need to get around to sorting mine out.
It exploded on me when I came to sort out the number plate light circuit board!
….And the latest thing to break is.....

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