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Default Just wizardry!

I'm amazed.
Last Saturday we went visiting our daughter & family 50 km away.
The weather was miserable, dull & drizzly and raining from time to time. I let you imagine the dampness of the road with loads of water spills...
Back home in the afternoon Lady Carlotta was garaged as usual.
Generally when dry the body looks slightly stained with innumerable less or more dirty dried droplets of water, despite washing, polishing & possibly waxing beforehand.

I've had a peep on it today while putting aside some empty spare cardboard boxes.
I was utterly gobsmacked: the car was nearly immaculate as if it had just been washed and cleaned a few minutes before!
The reason should be that stuff used a fortnight ago for a simple washing & drying with recently purchased chamois leather sponge without any polish afterwards:

Unfortunately no significant picture could be taken in the garage, it's not enlighten enough but do trust me, it's amazing!
Never so far I'd used a ceramic car wash, just a good shampoo, and never after rain & mud splash i'd seen so clean a car just letting it drying without any kind of intervention.
That's wizardry!

Rover 75 V6 2.5 Auto Connie born 1 July 1999, 24 kOhms resistor, 10 kOhms manual starter, full E85, modified airbox, full derestricted SS exhaust line, power & torque remap -> 202 bhp
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