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Default Excessive juddering at 3000rpm on 2004 ZT+ CDTi

Hi everyone, finally put my big girl pants on and bought my first MG (ZT+ CDTi pre-facelift) and, like any 15 year old car, there are a couple issues. The first is a horrific juddering when the car reaches 3000rpm in any gear. The car is quiet on start up and runs beautifully below 3000rpm but judders violently when it gets there, it doesnít smoke or any other nastiness. Iíd like to hope itís just time for a new MAF sensor, but if anyone could shed some light on other likely problems, Iíd be forever grateful!

Another (very minor) issue is that the clutch seems overly stiff, but the bite point is low, doesnít slip, gears change smoothly etc etc. Is there anything anyone could recommend I do that might lighten up the clutch a little?

Hereís a picture of her, because I already like showing her off!
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Heavy clutch is usually a sign of a tired slave cylinder, as for the vibration, check the lower engine mount (engine will rock forwards harshly when you switch the ign off) And check the hydramount on the drivers side chassis leg, if its failing there will be a greasy residue in the area.
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