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Gets stuck in
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Default ATC unit

Hello All

What are the current views on these ?


I seem to remember some people commenting negatively on these compared to original MGR unit.


Andrew (YorksMG2013)

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I really should get out more.......
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Wouldnt even waste my time. Looks cr4p and out of place. The original despite being almost fossilised, 1) suits the car better, and 2) just works, and 3) has nicer buttons.

The buttons on the Chinese ones look wierd, too skinny and oddly shaped.

Spend the money on a rear electric blind!

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This is my second home
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the only stuff i've even seen on these is reliabilty problems and that they don't work fully on our older cars ? but thats other peeps opinions ?

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Old 23rd May 2019, 10:18   #4
Posted a thing or two
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Mine is fine and works as it should and looks more up to date.
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Posted a thing or two
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No problems with mine either.
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Old 23rd May 2019, 14:07   #6
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I have one in one of mine.

Plus points:
- it looks better than the original unit, more up to date look to it. At first when I first saw these I wasn't so keen on the look, but after getting one and seeing it in person it's grown on me.

Negative points:
The buttons are a different size to the original unit, so if you have switches in the switch panel i.e. heated seats, cruise, powerblind etc the size of the switches no longer match. A bit of an OCD point but doesn't bother me.
- The temp reading button to switch it from oc to oF doesn't change it on the instrument cluster, whereas the factory one does
- It's not such a smooth refined unit. With the factory unit, when you change a setting such as fan speed or the direction of the airflow, it does it very gradually so you don't notice a sudden change in sound. Well on the MG7 unit when you change any of this, you can hear all the motors moving suddenly and can hear the fan blower speed change suddenly.
- these units don't work on the v8s.

The units do look a lot better in blue, done a green one before which also looked much better


How to retrofit Cruise Control on a diesel with no OEM wiring in place: Link
How to retrofit heated electric memory seats with no OEM wiring in place: Link
How to operate FBH and ATC via text Link
How to restore cloudy projector headlights Link
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Old 23rd May 2019, 16:59   #7
This is my second home
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The original display is very faint. I couldn't see mine in daylight at all, so I added extra backlighting. Not a fix for the faint hearted though. I was planning a HowTo but decided they weren't popular enough.

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