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Old 29th April 2018, 19:47   #171
Posted a thing or two
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The sill under the passenger front door looks dark in the photo.
Surely not a boy racer light strip.?🤭

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Old 4th May 2018, 22:26   #172
Gets stuck in
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Originally Posted by Jim Jamieson View Post
Well it's going to be next year before I get that drive in the 75 again.

We had some bad news in the family, so the missus has been spending some time with her sister and I've been busy carrying out some work on her fathers house as he passed away in January and we will be selling his house.
We've put the caravan holidays on hold for now but at least this has given me just enough time to squeeze in some work on the V6.
I've prepared it for cam belt replacement right down to removing the old belts. I've started to clean everything up in readiness for the rebuild and will be ordering some new parts next week. I'm going to replace the water pump, auxiliary belt and anything else it requires. It also now requires a new battery as the original one has just packed up after 13 years "they don't make em last anymore"
I've also decided to do a similar job to the rear suspension that I did with our diesel a couple of years back although not with new springs as the car doesn't need them.

Hopefully by the spring It will be ready for action again as this year I've even been using the bus to allow the missus use of her Jaguar.

As I said before "watch this space"

Having had both of these types of lovely looking cars. I will take the Rover every time. That is a very personal statement. I found the jag to be too cramped in the back. The Rover is not the biggest but it makes the jag seem like a mini. The Rover was a nice place for this old crip to sit and still be able to walk after a few hours behind the wheel and no rust thanks to being wax injected when I bought her the jag on the other hand was a rust bucket despite the same care. I donít understand the Rust as the Ford does not have the same problem.
The Rover is nice and quiet and has a smooth ride on its 15 inch wheels, the Jag is noisy both inside and out almost 18db more and only comes with rubber band tyres. You feel every bump.
For towing I found the Rover a much more stable tow car than the Jag, the Jag was much more prone to snaking.
And the electronic handbrake on the Jag was going wrong every couple of months. An easy fix just pull the fuse wait ten seconds then replace the fuse. The ESP in the winter would lock the Jags gearbox out at least six times a year whilst the Rover never gave any trouble.
But as I say that was just my experience. I am sure many others would prefer the Jag.

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Old 25th May 2018, 20:38   #173
Jim Jamieson
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I take it your referring to the S Type Jaguar Alan as the XF has more rear space than the 75. As far as towing thereís simply no comparison the XF would trounce the 75 with the extra power alone.

I certainly agree thereís far too many electrical problems with the XF and the newer models from JLR seem to be suffering the same fate.

Anyway as you will have read in my posts the XF is no longer as it was written off last year and was replaced with a Mercedes 220 CLS Shooting Brake.

Now back to my project car which will be going back on the road on 1st June, I have added my own personal touch as I did on both previous 75ís that is to apply a coach line just above the chrome side strip.

I used to sell coachlines and still have some in the workshop so onthis Zircon Silver I have applied a charcoal with a thin contrasting blue line which goes along with the blue personal line trim.

I have also fitted chrome trim to the lower area of the front and rear bumpers.
Today Iíve given the car a full wax polish so basically itís now all ready for the MOzt test next week.
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Old 1st September 2018, 19:27   #174
Jim Jamieson
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Where has the summer gone, canít believe how quick itís been, well at least we did get some lovely weather so managed to slip away a few times for a break.
Still got the two 75ís with the Wedgewood now on SORN and now running my ďproject carĒ the Zircon Silver V6 Connoisseur SE.
After years driving a car with no sunroof Iím now driving two with a sunroof as the CLS has one. Itís been a bonus with the exceptional weather, it was so warm I decided to get the aircon recharged on the Zircon so Iíve really been enjoying this summer.
The CLS is a superb car with loads of modern features and very sporty styling for an estate. Itís also quite an exclusive car on the road, as on a recent trip down south we only spotted one other CLS Shooting Brake.
However like the XF I also compare the CLS against the 75 and yet again Iíve found the seating comfort on a long run the 75 still comes up trumps in first place. Not bad for 17 year old car.

Back to the Wedgewood, Iíve not forgotten about it as I spent a weekend recently carrying out a pre MOT check. Iíve fitted new discs and pads to the rear plus fitted almost new discs and pads to the front which I had left over from the Zircon when I fitted new ones.
The only thing it will require I reckon are a new set of wiper blades and two new tyres as the fronts are showing some cracking on the sidewalls even though theyíre only half worn.

Watch this space !
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Old 23rd May 2019, 21:55   #175
Jim Jamieson
This is my second home
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Rover less !

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Well I suppose this post will draw this thread to a conclusion as I no longer have two 75ís

Just a couple of weeks ago I sold my Zircon SE and it now lives in Cornwall.
Today I sold my remaining 75, the Wedgewood and following an MOT test it will be travelling to the Glasgow area.

Iíve owned a 75 since 2002 with three in all, first the Royal Blue Metallic 2.0 diesel Connoisseur then six years later added the Wedgewood 2.5 V6 Connoisseur.
In 2017 I purchased another 2.5 Connoisseur this time an SE with loads of extras
Iíve loved driving all of them and have commented several times that the 75 is a more comfortable car to sit in over a long journey than our Jaguar XF and our Mercedes CLS where although luxurious cars they lack the seating comfort of the 75.
Recently Iíve also sold my SD1 Vitesse and earlier this week I sold my Mini as last year I decided to run down my car collection and run one the missus with something special for myself.

That something special came in the shape of a Mercedes SL
I had always thought about a Triumph Stag to replace the Vitesse but with the SL itís a bit more modern and one Iíve purchased is an exceptionally low mileage one with just 8k on the clock since 2004.

The 75 however will always remain as one of the best if not the best car Iíve owned to date.
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Old 23rd May 2019, 22:43   #176
This is my second home
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Sad to think we'll no longer see you in a 75 Jim. I remember first meeting you at SARR when it was at Falkirk Wheel when your SD1 and my 75 were class winners.

We all move on, I've had 75s since 2004, and 200, 400 and 800 prior to that. Sadly there really is no true successor and we have to change. My daily is now a Lancia Delta 3, it's really grown on me in much the same way that the 75 did. I sold the Green V6 75 a couple of weeks ago. We still have our Japanese spec 75, but I really don't know how much longer I can justify running what is effectively a toy that does under 1000 miles a year.

Enjoy the SL, and hopefully we'll catch up somewhere soon.
The fact there's a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers..

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