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Thanks Harry, I kind of talked myself out from getting immediate dentures, after the last episode I didn't want to go through more discomfort. My window was this week, I have been tooing and throwing all week whether to get impressions done before the extractions today, but I just didn't fancy ill fitting ones. lol

The consultant I saw advised me to wait, also the surgeon today said to wait at least 2 to 3 months before getting temps. I stopped wearing my partial dentures over 8 weeks ago, I had to stop wearing them after having my uppers pulled, its been blissful not wearing a denture TBH.

I will most probably wait two months before getting impressions done, get the bulk of the swelling out of the way first I guess. I am so enjoying the no pain feeling, its amazing to feel normal again after all these years. I'm still aware of the trigeminal neuralgia attacks, the surgeon explained to me about the pros and cons, they really do try and scare you with all possibilities don't they?

Harry, Its good to hear you are getting sorted, good luck with your opts. Its a great feeling when the docs start to listen to what you have to say isn't it. To finally get the help and support is all one wants, and when it happens its worth bottling. lol

Regarding my other complaint, I was offered a nerve block injection in my right testicle last November, but I chickened out and cancelled. I reckon I may have to go for it a second time if I want them to fix me properly, but they say they rather not do anything too evasive as it may make things worst, you just don't know what to do for the best.

Hope all goes well with your ops Harry, lets make sure we all have good health, wealth and happiness from now on. Its nice to know we can gain some support regarding health matters from a car enthusiast club, even if its an open forum for all to see. lol isn't this club amazing...

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