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Default Update

So I’ve eventually had the car in the garage today.

They’ve had a good look and ‘think’ it’s the slave cylinder. They said they have replaced the slave on these previously and on both occasions it didn’t work!

Anyway, they’ve quoted for a slave, master and clutch. To my mind it isn’t worth getting the work done as it’s close to the value of the car. They’ve quoted over 1k for the work which seems very steep to me. Any thoughts?

It’s a decent car, body is good, 155k, usual driver seat wear but overall it’s a good car but I simply can’t justify spending anywhere near that on it.

A bit stuck now as can’t really get the car elsewhere nor do I have the time.

Very frustrating!

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very very expensive, I think going rate has been about £650 but
if AA many said link had snapped they are a long way off. How do they get to the slave being at fault? Going only on your post I don't think they know what is wrong. I think I would find someone else to use
What link is AA man referring to? I thought the one from clutch pedal to master but that's not a gearbox off job. You said on the 11th you would have a look and post what you found, did you look?

I think you would be well advised to follow the advise given already and do a few simple checks, good luck


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Thanks for the message.

I took some pictures last week but was unable to upload. Iíll try from my laptop later today and see if that helps.

From what I gather they found some fluid where slave would be. It was explained to me second hand though rather than by the mechanic so Iím going in to pick the car up this afternoon and once I do Iíll get the full version from the mechanic.

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So I've been down and picked the car up. The mechanic explained that with the sealed unit there is fluid visible at both ends. With respect to the clutch he said it was best practice to replace the clutch as the gearbox would have to come out.

Really it needs someone with some experience of these cars to have a look at it and take it from there.

Does anyone know of anyone in the North West that might be able to take a look?

I've tried again to upload some images without success.
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David, I have read through the symptoms you experienced, and although I don't have the eyes on the job so to speak, this is what I suspect has happened.

The quick coupling attaching the pipework from the master cylinder to the slave, has become detached, this results in a solid pedal due to the fluid being unable to exit the master cylinder, and when you press the pedal really hard, the clevis loop at the end of the master cylinder piston breaks.

Now the hydraulic coupling is located directly above the gearbox, and if the coupling is partially detached when the pedal is pressed, then fluid will escape.

What you need to check is whether the clutch master cylinder pushrod is still connected to the clutch pedal, and the clevis loop not broken.

The coupling looks like this..........

The part which I suspect that is broken on the master cylinder, is the thing with the paper tag tied on in this picture.......

Finally this picture shows the position of the clutch master cylinder in relation to the clutch pedal..........

And finally here is a gearbox, to give an idea of where the coupling is located inside the engine bay......

All of these things can be checked with relative ease, and don't require specialist knowledge, and should be discounted before resorting to gearbox removal.

Best of luck

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