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This is my second home
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There's just enough room for a little doggy.


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Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
Thanks all.

I'm beginning to not like the bright orange colour, the paintwork isn't the best, its been badly resprayed, paint is flat and peeling in places. There is quite a bit of work to get the old girl to a standard I would like, I may even revert back to plan A.

I'm really not a fan of the rubber bumpers, the more I look at it, the more I'm beginning to hate it. I thought I would get use to liking the look, but so far its having the opposite effect, I may go as far as selling the old girl, and to look for the chrome bumper model which I originally wanted.

It all boils down to personal preference I guess.

The rubber bumpers are very heavy!!! If you are going to remove them be warned they have big lumps of rust sorry steel inside them. As I recall the front is over 100kg.
I had a Inca yellow midget from 1980 through to 2012 had to sell her as I could no longer get out of her when I reached my destination. For the last six years that I had her she only did 800 miles a year that was three shows we used to go to.
Loved her but the brakes left a lot to be desired compared to a modern car.

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Lord Vengeance
This is my second home
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Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
Thanks fellas.

I've had a better look at her today, she certainly has some bodywork issues, looks good at 20ft, just don't go any closer. lol She's had a very bad respray at some point, and there are several rust bubble areas that do need sorting. I dread to think whats behind the chrome sill covers, I think they will be staying on for now. lol

I took her out today to go see my bodyshop repair guy, he's going to sort out the bit of welding for the mot, and gave me a quote to sort out all the other issues, and it wasn't cheap. I know I bought her cheap, but blooming heck, I don't fancy paying those kind of figures, I reckon I will be doing most work myself, a long term rolling restoration me thinks... what fun that will be.

She drives ok, good oil pressure, and the overdrive works, plenty of new bits been fitted, new petrol tank, pump, new exhaust, brake master cylinder, ignition coil, plugs & leads what I can see, she also has three folders of paperwork, also a MG parts catalog... bonus. She does have a oil leak, could even be coming from the gearbox, need to get her up on some ramps, see what else she is hiding.

Its certainly enjoyable to have such an old vehicle to drive and work on, great fun driving the old girl, everything just seems so simple, good old school motoring.

A quick photo shoot on way back from the bodyshop, she looks good in the photos, you cant see what 41 years has done to the old girl. She is certainly a proper MG that's for sure lol but she needs chrome bumpers, I'm not that keen on the black rubber, plus I'm after the front scoop valance, liking that design a lot.

Warning! Alarming bright 70's orange colour.

Loving this Wes you've got yourself a great buy there, well chuffed for you.
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