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Old 20th April 2017, 21:22   #61
Mike Noc
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Originally Posted by mbev51 View Post
ok if clarke impact wrench doesn't get it, get the bolt nice and hot, then have another go. Also give everything a few good taps with a hammer. It must come out.
Oh it came out.

Plenty of heat was applied by the arc welder when a new nut was welded on to the rounded head as a result of the impact wrench trying its best.

Then, once the heat had dissipated into the hub, freezing penetrating oil was applied to the bolt, and with the help of a 3/4 inch breaker bar it started to move.

Originally Posted by Best_of_British View Post
I also have one of these, it failed on the pinch bolt but recently redeemed itself by shifting a stubborn hub nut when changing spring. On the whole for 50 quid its a useful addition to the tool box.
Yes a great bit of kit for the money. Apart from the last pinch bolt, the only other thing it has failed to shift so far is the crank pulley bolt - and you know how tight they can be. A 5 foot scaffold pipe extension to the breaker bar and me swinging on it for all I was worth was needed.
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Old 21st April 2017, 11:43   #62
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Just for interest now , here is my own experience with the strut pinch bolt :
Since that time I have acquired a set of Irwin spiral toothed bolt removers , and wonder how they would have faired with the wounded bolt ! They have worked well on a few other problems
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Old 22nd April 2017, 02:05   #63
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Never had a problem with these, after having one major problem that needed 7hrs of drilling out.

Six sided socket, long long bar, LOTS of heat into the bolt, LOTS of Plusgas, PATIENCE, moving it a bit, then more heat, the more soaking. They will always come out if done patiently and slowly.

Heat should not really be applied to the strut though, but with a very small flame/torch you can get it just on the right parts of the bolt.

Heat cycles combined with penetrating fluid with time to soak... never failed me yet.

However, Im never in a rush to to these, (avoiding another 7hr drillout) so if one is really really bad and has never been moved from factory, rather than take a risk im happy to do it over a few cups of tea and take up to 1hr for a bolt if it avoids more pain down the road
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Gets stuck in
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Well it came out with no heat just a breaker bar extended lol
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Old 23rd April 2017, 09:30   #65
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Originally Posted by e30325itourer View Post
And that's with oxy/acetylene and an impact gun. Still can't get it shift.

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I ended up just fitting a strut from a breaker.

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