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Old 26th May 2014, 10:55   #11
Rev Jules
Rev Jules
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Default Rubbing

Originally Posted by Jakg View Post
Offset is basically how far it sticks out - too low and you hit the brake calipers / arches (which mine does under full lock anyway, but I digress...), too big and you are out of the body which is illegal. You can use spacers to add offset.

Bore is the circle in the middle the wheel actually sits on - the nuts / lugs hold the wheel on, but the bore actually holds all the weight. If your wheels have a larger bore than your wheels, theres no contact and all of the weight goes through the bolts which is bad (but many *many* people run like this).
Not necessarily - aftermarket wheels use massive bores (~76) so that you can use a spigot rings (~£10) to make it a bit smaller to fit your car.

Having said that, I doubt you'll find something small enough to go from 57.1>56.1, but you could have something custom made.

Hi Mate.

You have just answered a question on full lock I can hear a rubbing sound either way I have 16 inch wheels. they came with the car and the tyres are Pilot tyres,
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Could your arch liner not be in place properly?

My car has 18" standard wheels, and 225/45/18 proper size tyres - but mine rubs slightly on the arch liner at full lock.

I expect that the arch liners come out slightly, and that some tyres are slightly wider than others.
2004 MG ZT+ CDTi
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215/45/17's new clips on the arch liners... no problem
Enjoying the cars.....
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Old 20th March 2017, 18:04   #14
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Default wow

wow peeps,
what a wealth of info -cheers all!!!!!!!!
Paul (AKA Fishytroll)
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Posted a thing or two
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Looking at the chart, it looks like the wheels from my SAAB 93 aero will fit, might give it a try to see what it looks like on 17 inch rims.
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