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Old 10th March 2019, 18:59   #1
Gets stuck in
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Default broadband.

so this is a question about all this gubins,now im not techy at all.
ive just done a speed test, now i have sky fibre unlimited ive done one of there tests aswell and got 39mbpsive done a independent speed test and i get 15.9mbps download and a 6.50 mbps upload is this good or bad thanks gordon.
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Old 10th March 2019, 19:49   #2
Change of direction again ......
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The speed they quote (and all ISPs) is normally 'upto'.

All new broadband setups have a 10 day or thereabouts 'learning' time, so you may find the speed will go up once it's learnt.

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Will always have a 75
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It's not always what you pay for but that speed probably equates to around £18 p/month. Superfast broadband is much quicker but more expensive, and not always available. The speed you quote is the best I can get where I live, Superfast cannot be supplied.
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Old 11th March 2019, 16:22   #4
This is my second home
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We get the basic internet speed package from Virgin Media which is 100MBP's


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This is my second home
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No good doing a throughput speed test using wifi, it has to be done on a wired LAN connection...

I'm on Plusnet's FTTC (fibre, then copper for the last leg), they quoted 40Mbs down and 40Mbs is what I got. I didn't particularly need it, but it wasn't much more expensive than slower all copper at 15Mbs. I don't usually notice much difference for the extra speed.

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I really should get out more.......
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I echo what HarryM1BYT said about speed tests on wifi.

Also some speed testers do give differing results to others, not sure if that is simply down to different browsers and support thereof.

The most common one is www.speedtest.net - just beware of the adverts it displays.

It is worth putting your phone number into the BT Wholesale DSL checker and seeing what the estimates are for your line - https://www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/adslchecker.welcome

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Old 17th March 2019, 22:46   #7
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Smile Gigabyte testing on Fibre

Might be worth you contacting your provider and asking them if they have the newer Gigabyte hardware in their cabinets..I did and currently am trialing for Plusnet. *-)
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