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This is my second home

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Thank you Bob.

This blog is about you, your life, thoughts and feelings. There are no rules about how many times you post or what the content is, as its your creation 100% and because of that, it’s special and interesting to anyone following your story.

I am sorry to hear you had another fall and you’re missing Val, thank you for telling us.

I know how difficult it is to be open and to share these moments in the public arena, but from personal experience, the ones I have lost and loved over the years and some a long way off in distance, are never far from my mind and one day we will be reunited, a comforting thought.

Do take care, post as and when.
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This is my second home
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All the best, Bob. If we moved away from London l doubt that we'd come back much, especially from Cornwall.
Reducing the size of my Rover fleet by adding a 75 to it.

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Itís been nearly 18 months since I last used my oven, since I bought the air fryer the oven has become redundant. But the air fryer has now broke. Went to turn it on and the knob snapped off. But the oven has stayed turned off. As the steak I was going to cook went under the grill instead. I tried to repair the knob on the air fryer but I couldnít find the bit that has snapped off.

So I ordered a new one, and it was here in 48 hours. So tonight I tried it and works just as good as the old one, but has no knobs. Itís all digital buttons. And still the oven remains unused.

I finally spoke to Michael yesterday. He is still waiting for the plasterwork to be finished, he was waiting when I visited last August. My niece Laura and her partner have decided to move out of London after all. They are looking at property in Hertfordshire. So Michael gets time to spend with his grandson. He said that I wonít recognise the house or the gardens when I come up next. I didnít say I had no intention of travelling up, well not for a while yet.

My neighbour Sheila husband George sadly passed away last Sunday, but such a release for all. He was in a bad way with the big C. Sheila has only just come out of hospital after her operation on her knee went wrong. And on top of that her mum has had a stroke, but she is in a home so is being looked after.

My god sonís daughter Elizabeth who was living in Portugal with her new man is now living in South Africa in Capetown. The new man in her life is English and was teaching English in a school in Portugal but took up a new job in Capetown. So Elizabeth and her son went with him. Elizabethís sort of in laws, her late husbandís to be parents, are not amused that she has left. After all they pulled up their roots to move to Portugal for Elizabethís health. She was suffering from long Covid.

Elizabeth phoned me to tell me the news, and the full story came out. I have no say in the matter nor will I take sides and told Elizabeth this. She said she understood. She also said that her Uncle Roger was still living in Brazil and now was standing as a politician in the local elections. Again Iím not really interested.

My life is now here in Cornwall. Iím involved with a few local groups covering photography, model making and car shows.
Banana is still running sweet. Just back from our Welsh trip with the CMGOC and next week we are off to the Bluebird Memorial Meet up in Lincolnshire.

I might venture a bit further North a bit later in the year. More on that later.

Thanks for reading. Look out for more updates.

235,536. MG club weekend away on the horizon.

onen hag oll
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