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Default Idiots guide to fitting Webasto 1533 timer

Can someone provide a step-by-step idiots guide to fitting a Webasto 1533 timer to face lift car that has the FBH already fitted?

We have the system basically working, but can't get it to fire up the air con fan.
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I was down in Sittingbourne till yesterday meant to pop in and say hello but hospital visits prevented it.

Timer pokes out 12v
so you use that to operate a relay to stick gnd on pin 3 of the FBH or bypass the need for a relay by conecting timer to pin 1
I prefer to leave that wired up the the ambient temp sensor though hence using pin 3.

You can then also operate another relay direct from the timer or use Pin 4 of the fbh.

Pin 4 goes to 12v depending on FBH firmware either after FBH is up to about 30 degrees or immeadiately that can be used for the relay to operate the ATC that way ATC does not come on if FBH goes into lock out even if timer is still trying to operate the FBH.

So use the timer or pin 4 to operate a DPDT relay for the ATC
Common contacts go to the two power feeds to the ATC panel, ATC side
N/C contacts to the two power feeds to the ATC panel loom side i.e when off wiring is as normal
N/O contact to a fused 12v supply so when FBH is on AC panel is on

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Default question for keith

Keith after owning my cdt for three years i have just noticed that the FBH Ambient temp sensor is missing but every thing workes ok, my fbh is activated via telestart so do you think the sensor was removed on purpose or has it just fell off.

Regards bill.
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