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Default In memoriam

This closed thread has been created after requests by the membership to provide a permanent reminder
of the valued members of our club who have sadly passed away.
Lest we forget

  • Gryphon (Garry Warner) February 2008

  • Brum29 (Keith Bird) July 2008

  • MartynP (Martyn Procter) December 2011

  • Scouseric (Eric Mercer) January 2013

  • Rotrex (Tam Leek) February 2013

  • Roverowner (Alan Cranston) June 2013

  • FredSpencer (Fred Spencer) November 2013

  • Gerry3 (Gerry Parker) April 2014

  • Woodgoat (Willie De Villiers) October 2014

  • Brush1 (Ian Cruickshank) October 2014

  • Mel Dawson (Mel Dawson) January 2015

  • Grandy (Gary Stephens) June 2015

  • Vmax1000 (Herman) July 2015

  • Rosebud (Rosemary Fleming) September 2016

  • James.uk (Bob Lanahan) October 2016

  • Woof25 (Mike Sheppard) December 2016

  • Trimani (Alf Martin) December 2016

  • BarryH (Barry Honey) January 2017

  • Alanjay (Alan Hester) February 2017

  • ARK238 (Roger Stevenson) 16 April 2017

  • RoyRover (Peter Lewis) August 2017

  • Beejay (Barry Pitts) 20 August 2017

  • AndyG (Andy Greenhalgh) 14 September 2017

  • wuzerk (Frederick Williams) 24 September 2017

  • alec (Alec Morgan) November 2017

  • Windrush (Derek Best) 17 December 2017

  • racerock3 (David Atkinson) 2nd March 2018

  • John Howard (John Howard) 5th July 2018

  • Freebyrd (Brian Alexander) 1st October 2018

  • Riclin (Eric Allen) 5th October 2018

  • Freddie (Fred Gunning) 5th November 2018

  • GeraintUK (Geraint Williams) 9th December 2018

  • Timbo.P6's Son (Simon Smith) 10th April 2020

  • Shadysadie (David Sharp) 15th May 2020

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