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Originally Posted by SD1too View Post
These brushes were created specially for us Ian. I sent an old one of mine to the company and they examined the material and drew up a specification. The contact area is shaped to fit the commutator exactly and the connection is by braid, exactly like the originals. They are a custom-designed, high quality product. I repaired my fan motor with them and that was ten years ago. One or two people have chosen cheap brushes on e-bay of unknown origin. They failed very quickly.

These brushes won't be a high volume sale for Engineering Carbon Products. After deducting first class postage they cost less than £5 each (remember they're custom-made). You compared the cost to that which you've paid for your spare fan which is second-hand and will require a new gold resistor. You also don't know the condition of the commutator or the brushes and, unless you've tested it, you don't even know whether the PCB works. Your purchase carried an element of risk, as all second-hand sales do. There isn't really a comparison to be made with the ECP brushes. I'm therefore surprised that you've made a fuss about what is, after all, a small amount of money for any repair on a car.


Simon, sorry you feel that way. I have an expectation of cost and that did not meet my expectation. Don't feel that I will ignore the advice and buy elsewhere but I wont rush to order them. I'll at least test the fan first.
The fan and any costs towards it are not yet a repair, its just to sit on the shelf in case what is on my car fails. I seem to be collecting spares to sit on the shelf just in case and so I am mindful of cost.
I was not aware of the contents of your post, thank you for making me aware.

A genuine shower hose for my shower is over £100, I reel at that price too

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Originally Posted by macafee2 View Post
I think they may need changing, spinning the fan backwards does seem to give off a brush sound but forwards is ok.
I would expect that to be the case, brushes bed themselves in, in the usual direction of rotation, building up a sharper corner at the trailing edge. Your spinning it in reverse, mean that sharp trailing edge becomes a leading edge. It is bound to sound a little different. What matters is the condition of the brushes and the commutator.


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I've yet to read of anyone needing to replace the brushes of a resistor controlled 2-speed motor. Has anyone?

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