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Old 20th December 2018, 09:16   #21
Lord of Hog
Gets stuck in
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Originally Posted by T16 View Post
Bigger things to worry about tbh..

I stick to the middle lane when on long night drives in the UK, as the inside lane is an utter pain, full of holes, bumps, damaged surface etc.

So imagine 10+Hrs of BANG, BANG, BANG, on the "sports" Suspension on the Mk2.

So at night, I stick to the middle lane, and care not a jot what anyone else thinks, so ner nerrr!!
So you're one of the arses I have to weave round on my way down to Folkestone!

Conformity is not morality.
Consensus is not truth.
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Old 20th December 2018, 09:23   #22
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I try to turn my frustration around when it comes to people who stick to the middle lane - they are lacking in confidence and are frightened, not daring to change lane.

I always advise new drivers that "regard all drivers are idiots, me included, watch the rear view mirror as much as forward".

On rare occasions when undertaking proves to be the only solution, I try to straddle the hard shoulder line, hand over the horn, and only pass at a slightly higher speed watching that blob in the middle lane being aware of any deviation.

This subject comes up every couple of years and the frustration it causes can be severe. As mentioned by others, try to chill and arrive slightly later, but it really really grates.
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Old 20th December 2018, 09:31   #23
This is my second home
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What's a motorway? I live in Norfolk.
Oil in my veins!
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Old 20th December 2018, 09:35   #24
Rev Jules
Rev Jules
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Originally Posted by roverbarmy View Post
What's a motorway? I live in Norfolk.

Here its called a footpath where old dears with their go faster striped carts hammer it down the middle regardless who is in their way??

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Old 20th December 2018, 10:11   #25
Gets stuck in
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Ahhhhh.... Lane discipline, the lost art of motoring in modern Britain.
Not going to get on my soap box here but I have been driving since 1977, never been involved in any type of accident.
I put this down to advice given to me by my instructor, words that I truly live by when driving the car or riding my bikes.
'Always assume that every other motorist is out to kill you and drive accordingly'. he said.
There will always be someone that just has to be in front of you.. even if it means risking life 'n' limb, couple that with the sheer volume of traffic on our roads and hey presto ... you have motorway mayhem!
If there's the slightest glimmer of a space ... guaranteed some d**k is going to fill it no matter what.
Britains roads (especially motorways) have become race tracks for peeps who must be somewhere yesterday and I for one understand that but I drive with this in mind and drive accordingly, sure it's really bl**dy annoying being cut up/undertaken/brake checked etc: but i don't get all bent out of shape over it purely because the last thing our roads need is yet another angry aggressive 75 owner, and I don't need the Mrs. giving me an ear bashing over my road rage either! haha.
However ... if she's asleep in the car, I may flip the odd finger here 'n' there. shhhhh!
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Old 20th December 2018, 10:55   #26
This is my second home
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My real hate on the motorway is people who cannot control their speed and slow down and speed up, especially when you are overtaking..
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Old 20th December 2018, 11:15   #27
Retired from Club

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With everyone here (other than T16) being a self-declared outstanding driver, does it not make you wonder where all the bad drivers come from?
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Old 20th December 2018, 11:39   #28
Posted a thing or two
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I've posted elsewhere on this topic.

The whole driving thing needs a radical shake up.

The test is, IMHO far, far too easy to pass.

The test should be phased with each stage needing to be passed before moving on to the next. So there would be car control done off road. Perhaps then town driving, then rural driving then dual carriageways & motorways. Live a long way from a Motorway? Tuff. You want the opportunity to drive that's the hoop you have to jump through.

Get away from the fixation with speed and move it to distance. Speed does not kill. Otherwise there'd be no F1 drivers, no MOTO GP riders and no one alive who's been in an aircraft. What's more like to end in a collision? Someone at 130mph on a quiet motorway in good conditions (aka an Autobahn) or someone at 60mph less than a car length from the vehicle in front? To help the lane hoggers move over raise the speed limit to say 120mph so we don't have the "I'm doing the limit so you can't come past brigade."

Maybe part of the "hoggers" thought process is something like: If I move back into Lane 1, there's no space for me to move out again 'cus everyone is driving too close. So, I'll just stay where I am and to hell with those behind.

Use video footage to prosecute mobile phone use, middle lane hoggers, tailgating, not leaving enough DISTANCE etc. etc. Significantly dangerous driving means the vehicle you're driving is crushed. Your problem and you'll have to explain/compensate the "owner" if it's not your vehicle.

Any road traffic collision deemed to be your fault &/or any prosecution means a complete retest. That way if you have no accidents and obey the rules you simply carry on driving. If you have accidents or flout the rules then you have to pay to be retrained/retested.

Basically it's about an individual being responsible for their actions.

Oh, and gantry signs must be accurate and in real time. I don't want a lane closed for maintenance that might be happening in 2 hours time or to be told about a queue that isn't there but may well have been earlier on.

Big Rant.....


PS I'm looking froward to driver less cars that'll do the whole thing for me. I'll read my book on the journey.

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Old 20th December 2018, 11:40   #29
This is my second home
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From what I understand, if you stay in the inside lane and the middle lane ‘backs up’, you are not committing an offence to overtake on the ‘near side’, so long as you do not then pull out to overtake immediately after doing so. If I catch someone up who is moving at 60 mph in the middle lane, I overtake on the near side quite often and sound my horn as I pass them. Am I committing an offence? As an old NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD- I followed a car doing 55/60 mph for 11 miles in the second lane on the M6. Got fed up and overtook on the 3 rd lane and pulled back into the near side lane. The first emergency telephone I came to I stopped and reported them. Got back in the car, and caught them up still in the second lane. After around 17 miles a police car came up the m/way and the car pulled back into the near side lane in front of me. So he knew he was in the wrong. The police car pulled between me and that car following for a short distance, then pulled him over. I don’t know what happened to the driver. The thing is, this was around 10/11 years ago. Hope he got a good going over.. Today I would not even bother because nothing would happen.
Great Barr, Birmingham.
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Old 20th December 2018, 14:32   #30
Posted a thing or two
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Originally Posted by Mogodon View Post
Done a lot of motorway and dual carridgway miles this week ( M1, M25, M4 and A45 ).

SWMBO says I'm starting to suffer from GOMS (grumpy old man syndrome) as I expressed my irritation (frequently according to her) of drivers at junctions, who just before the exit slip road who are in the outside lanes, intead of dropping in behind you and exiting, decide to put their foot down, overtake you and then "swoop" across your lane, frequently cutting you up, and exiting at the last second before they miss the junction.

Also in heavy traffic and roadworks those who weave between lanes over and undertaking.

Also frequently seem to be executive type cars with a 3 or 4 letter brand name.

Rant over
No you are not alone to have noticed this, so worry not, this is now so common on our motorways it almost goes unnoticed, these are the 'company ' car drivers in B**s and A***, of the ' go get them' variety, no consideration, always in a hurry, and using the phrase ' going forward' in conversation, a great deal. I always ignore them, and let them go and stay clear if at all possible, not worth the trouble at all.
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