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Old 26th June 2016, 00:26   #1301
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Originally Posted by spyder View Post
That is certainly the reasoned response that many people my age (over 50's) have given me, especially the more informed and/or educated. I have also taken time to ask other sectors of the population, where the whole "immigrants taking our benefits" comments have been raised. A possible problem that neither vote would stop, in my opinion.

As I am here for the long haul and have young children to think about, the economic future of the country is my primary concern in this whole affair. Emotions aside I do believe that I share that concern with many, no matter which way they voted.
I strongly suspect those several REMAINers still wringing their hands in terminal decline despair ~ on some other bloggs and threads I regularly dip into you would not believe what's going on there. Quite unlike the higher standards set on this both informative and well behaved thread which I have enjoyed reading from day one.

Whilst immigration is a BIG and obvious problem and must be considered, just about every LEAVE voter I spoke to, mostly mature but several youngsters including my sons, had very real concerns and none mentioned immigration was high on their list of reasons to vote LEAVE. Most like me are sick and tired of Brussels in all its ever more parasitical forms taking us in the UK for mugs. That was my prime reason and it was for some of the others I spoke to.

I'm convinced some in Brussels think our ( exaggerated by the top banana Tories ) UK success is solely due to the UK's EU membership. So we Brit Taxpayers must be made to pay and pay more.

Until recently with all that German VAG emissions crookedness, there's something rarely discussed anywhere which I have for years been annoyed by. EU emissions parameters. From day one even with my limited knowledge of the subject I was convinced it was a con. Lefty UK Government keen to go for anything tainted by green avidly took all those parameters as gospel without question ( Beware Porfessionals and Experts ) and implemented them. Did that without question as it suited their misguided agenda without examining the credibility of those emission parameters and guidelines. Total fail. Still nothing done. Anyone seeing any Diesel being MoT-ed particularly VAG product both their cars and commercials as well as other German auto product, would be amazed that any would pass any emissions test... but, they do.

One mainland EU political commentator on TV news this evening blamed the UK for our immigration problem. According to him, apparently our "benefits" is the BIG attraction for the masses heading our way and so we Brits have only ourselves to blame. Obviously he must be wrong as none of our higher level Political and Media News types have ever suggested that is the reason to my knowledge.

I live in hope that if only just for one week, those we entrust to this Nation's well being tell it like it is for a change rather than the way they want us plebs to see it. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is never on their agenda. Need to know basis Minister... make it so.

Embittered post-Referendum REMAINers are convinced Boris, Gove, Farage and the rest were lying through their teeth when presenting their case for LEAVE. Indeed some felt that even more strongly than I do when Call me Dave and Gorgeous George presented their case for REMAIN failing miserably to tell the whole story. Only repeatedly emphasising the precious few favourable aspects of continuing UK EU membership. No negative aspects apparently. Yeah right.

If the Tory party fail to consider Jacob Rees-Mogg for their top banana job, then for me that will be yet another occasion when those we entrust to this Nation's well being getting yet another thing quite simply ... wrong.

It has to stop. See precious little evidence of it ever doing so.

Finally, has the sky fallen in yet? Bet patient ...
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They only elect leaders on a personal contact basis. The whole system is built on networking and 'contacts' and the favours circuit. Rees-Mogg is popular only in the real world because he appears to tell the truth and comes across as genuine and a toff. To the insiders he is a traitor because he does tell it like it is, the best PM we'll never get.
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Old 26th June 2016, 02:44   #1303
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Originally Posted by bobthebuilder View Post
Agreed (the Le Touquet Treaty?). But with the UK out of the EU, Calais is now the end of the EU immigration 'pipe' and I can't see them liking it. The French could include this issue in the two year 'divorce' negotiations that are triggered once Article 50 is invoked.
The mayor of Calais is already spouting this... Even though the agreement for the Border "police" being on French soil is NOT an EU issue. It is an agreement between France and Britian

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I've no doubt there will be lots more chat regarding the EU over the next few months and years. This thread was started to discuss the government's leaflets and the campaign that followed .

Thanks to all who contributed to the debate, if only our politicians could do the same in a similar fashion.
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