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Old 6th September 2012, 15:57   #21
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Brill write up, I didn't know the complexities of this and have always been straight to Halfords for something. Never again! APC, Clay, Glaze and Sealant for me starlight silver 75 this weekend, all ordered!

Are there any recommendations for glass at all?
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Old 6th September 2012, 18:52   #22
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Depending on the sealant your using you can use that on any of the non-wiped glass. For the windscreen you could either just clean it well with screen wash, or use a rain repellent.

Not everyone likes them because they can cause smearing in light rain, but the best of them is G-Techniq G1. It works better than most others and last 2 full years, unlike say Rain-X which lasts a month tops. Just make sure the glass is absolutely clean first and the wipers in good condition.
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Old 23rd June 2013, 11:20   #23
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Hi Rovex,

Your write ups are excellent!

I was looking for a few tips with my royal blue 75

Due to some idiot crashing into me, it has had to have the majority of the drivers side re-painted

I have also now decided to paint the bonnet and bumper etc to get rid of chips and make it all match better.

I felt the paint was a little too dark, so I am going to try another brand. (I got prospray 2k last time)

Can you recommend a good paint for the car, and then tell me what stages are best to do when detailing it.

I have already attacked the car with the following stages

Meguiars 105 on hexlogic orange pad
Meguiars Ultimate compound on hexlogic green pad
Meguiars Ultimate polish on hexlogic blue pad
Meguiars hi-tech yellow wax on hexlogic red pad
Sprayed and wipe meguiars ultimate quick wax over the whole car

My question is this, If I wish to regularly wax the car after washing (say every other week) should I first clay and polish the car, or can I go straight to wax?

Also, I have yet to find a clay bar that does not scratch the paint. I keep the surface very wet with autoglym rapid detailer, but it still seems to do a bad job.

Finally, there is no tar on the car, I remove that with a combo of WD40 and autoglym intensive tar remover.

I want the car to look like new, but I am finding it REALLY hard to achieve!

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Old 24th December 2015, 20:04   #24
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Quick question if I may. If I use Maguires Ultimate compound, do I still need to use a polish prior to wiping down with IPL before nano coating?

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