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The holbay version had twin Weber 40 DCOE carbs it was badged as H120 but was actually 110bhp,they had an aluminium cylinder head which was polished and ported by holbay which had a habit of eroding and was supplied new complete with valves at a price less than a standard head from Rootes without valves!(a bit of useless trivia, I was a Rootes apprentice mechanic in the mid 60s)

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Originally Posted by MGJohn View Post
Several weeks since my last visit to check for new arrivals. Very few Rovers and no MGs. Most unusual there's invariably an MG ZT or Rover 75. Not one in the several hundred cars in the yard.

There were some interesting cars there. I attach some images. That blue car... rings a bell. I sold them new in the late 1960s. Can you identify what it is from the precious little metal left as Mother nature has been hard at work reclaiming what is rightfully hers. Also a blast from the distant pass in the days of my youth.

One thing I did notice. Lots of BMWs, Mercedes and several SAABs too. At least four of the latter now extinct Swedish species. Got talking to another enthusiast who was considering buying some nice 17" Alloy Wheels from one of the BMWs there. It had some of those internal splined Locking Wheel Bolts. I tried my Rover Key in them but it did not fit although it looked very similar

the guy doesn't have a clue on how to keep cars for selling on,
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