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Default Short exhaust what to do? (75-ZTT)

So with ZTT exhausts now extinct as far as I can tell how do fellow owners deal with the too short 75 Tourer exhaust?

I have recently re acquired my Grail car and its got a brand new (and I do mean brand new) 75 exhaust on it but looks rubbish with the empty exit hole in the bumper.

Any ideas or photos of your fix appreciated.


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Couldn't save

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You have an empty hole Richard 😎😂😂

Get to Tony banks in Leeds and have a stainless one made mate.
Lest we forget..
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Old 21st May 2018, 21:46   #3
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Originally Posted by trikey View Post
You have an empty hole Richard 😎😂😂

Get to Tony banks in Leeds and have a stainless one made mate.
Or a couple of cheap chrome finishers perhaps
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Old 22nd May 2018, 14:11   #4
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Unfortunately I went for the cheap option - empty hole!
But I am a Yorkshireman...
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I guess the only thing you could do is buy 2 chrome or stainless tail pipe sleeves and fit them over the short saloon tail pipes. However this will only work if you go for a ZT back box with the straight tail pipe exists, as you mention getting a 75 back box, that would have tail pipes which point down slightly.

If funds allow, I'd recommend going to a custom exhaust shop such as a Longlife dealer and getting a stainless one made and fitted, as Trikey suggested above. They offer different sound levels, and you can opt for OEM quiet if you don't want it to be any louder than your current box. Our one we recently had fitted at Longlife watford was 160.00 fitted.

If you're going for one of those cheap pattern part back boxes, you'll find yourself having to change it again in a couple years time as they don't last very well. With the stainless ones you generally get lifetime warranty.

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I cut the tail pipes off the old exhaust and then measured them up on the new one. Cut those pipes off leaving as much on as possible to bring the old curved ones as far out as poss and welded them on. Wasn't as good as original but far better than the short pipes not showing in the bumper cut out.
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