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Old 9th December 2018, 13:04   #11
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Sorry to here this news, the club banner is at half mast to mark Geraint’s passing. RIP.
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Old 9th December 2018, 13:19   #12
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'm totally Shocked by this I still can't believe it now, RIP Geraint you put your heart and soul into every project you've done and really shows as well and thanks for our regular chats as well learned a hell of a lot but there is one thing I've Learned from Geraint is anything's possible Will be greatly missed by us all.
Regardless of nation and Origin all Soldiers should be remembered past or present.

Lest we forget.

Never forget them and support our armed forces.

Passion Never Dies It Only Gets Stronger.
Go your own way.

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Old 9th December 2018, 13:29   #13
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So sorry to hear about this.

Had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions, great guy, nice to chat to, impressive ideas that came to fruition.

He'll be missed

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Old 9th December 2018, 13:47   #14
This is my second home
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Saw him at Gaydon with his ZTT500 Awesome ....RIP mate
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Old 9th December 2018, 15:22   #15
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Just heard this shocking news. Gone too early.


onen hag oll
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Old 9th December 2018, 15:23   #16
This is my second home
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Very sad indeed,I was always inspired by his pioneering work and achievements.He moved the boundries of what was possible with the right determination and application.He stopped posting on here sadly and I don't do facebook so I lost touch with the latter stages of his ZT-T build. Can anyone tell me what power figure it ultimately made? RIP Geraint.

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Old 9th December 2018, 15:58   #17
Loves to post
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Just saw this on retro rover Facebook page. Rest in peace.

Never got to see the ztt500
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Old 9th December 2018, 16:24   #18
This is my second home
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Sadly I never met him - very much my loss. His ZTT looks awesome.

And as others have said always more difficult for family at this time of year. SWMBO always has difficulty in December because the anniversary of her Motherís death is just a few days away now.
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Old 9th December 2018, 16:42   #19
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I only knew Geriant from his posts on Facebook. An incredibly brave, witty and resourceful young man with integrity. 7 weeks ago he reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro raising over £6000 for charity. No easy feat and a tremendous achievement. An inspiration.

Our condolences to his family and to all of those who knew and loved him.
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Old 9th December 2018, 17:47   #20
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Terrible news, a proper petrolhead.

RIP Geraint... (Nah, on second thoughts - Make a lot of noise with the pedal to the floor)
Lest we forget..
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