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Originally Posted by Reebmit View Post
Hi Eric, its great to see you have a running car again, I am also happy to see that you have committed to keeping it on the road. Its all to easy for us to say oh well just scrap a car if something big goes wrong, but what matters is not the book value of a car but what the car means to you. I think I can speak for most of us when I say we get quite attached to these 75's and I will certainly try and keep mine on the road for as long as I can. I can guess how much you have spent to get it in that condition but if you keep it for a few years it becomes insignificant, well done and long may you enjoy your beautiful looking 75
I do so agree with you reebmit
I went to several local garages before I found the Rover / MG specialist.
Almost all they told me to get rid of my car because Rover is a bad car.
No worth to spent more money on it they said.
But I am, as you said, very attached to my 75 and hope to keep her for a lot of years.


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Hi Eric,
Very well done in getting your 75 back on the road again with all those fine improvements.
As others have said, it looks great and I hope you can now enjoy many more happy motoring miles with your "new" 75.
All the best.
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