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This is my second home
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Default BEWARE - probable scam?

Switched my mobile on this morning, and the first message received purported to come from Amazon. The message was about "a log in to your account at 1.02am this morning, in China, from an I Phone". I then received an email with the same details from the same source. The giveaway is that both the text message and email show as coming from "Amazon.com". According to Amazon's website, that confirms 99.99% that it IS a scam - your normal account would be with Amazon.co.uk
If you do get the same email/text - BEWARE - by all means check your account with Amazon to make sure there are no transactions which you're not aware of - but DON'T click on any links in either the text or email.
For a bit of added security, I've logged into my account and changed the password - just in case. It only takes a few minutes & is well worth the time.

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This is my second home
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I've had several emails recently supposedly from BT and television licensing. Both looked very real until checked carefully. Both said that my payments were not being received and that my service would be terminated. Both had links to click but I just forwarded them to the scam team at Metropolitan Police, then deleted them.
Email addy to forward to:-


Do NOT respond to them.
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Posted a thing or two
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Also, watch out for your Amazon UK account being hacked and your login details changed. The first thing you'll know about it is you won't be able to log in yourself. I had this happen in November 2018.
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Gets stuck in
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i had one this morning on my computer from paypal? stating i need to open the link shown to reset my password and details mmm lol not happening rgds mark
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