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How would shorting the battery on its own make any difference to anything apart from the battery?? Have I missed something somewhere?
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Originally Posted by bl52krz View Post
How would shorting the battery on its own make any difference to anything apart from the battery?? Have I missed something somewhere?
Not shorting the battery, disconnect the leads and short them together
has the effect of discharging the car electrical systems, when power is reapplied the systems re boot from scratch.
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Try the Norwegian 'fix' that was suggested on a similar thread. You disconnect the battery and then short the two cables across each other (not the battery of course) - reconnect and then sync the keys. I had exactly this issue and followed this procedure and it worked a treat. Seems as though there are capacitors in the circuit that need to discharge, and by shorting it out, completing the circuit, you achieve that. Give it a try - as the alternative may be to find someone with T4 to reset everything.
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Originally Posted by vitesse View Post
I'm guessing we're talking about the remote operation ...

A member here in Sweden had the same problem a few days ago. Tried the sync procedure as per handbook, didn't help. Then tried what he referred to as a "Norwegian re-set": took one of the cables off the main battery and held it briefly against the other. Tried the sync procedure and it worked. First time I've ever heard of it.

Otherwise people tend to recommend a main battery disconnect for half-an-hour, if that fails then Toaf can reactivate remote boards.

I am the guy that vitesse is talking about and I can confirm that the reset (by disconnecting one of the battery cables and put them together) worked for me on the 75, after I have had a serious battery discharge.
I got the idé from a garage when when I had similar discharge problems with my other car (Jaguar XK). Unfortunately it didn't cure the Jag problems. But I had to drive it to the garage and have the diagnosis computer connected. they told me that the car computers were full of failure codes.

Curiosa, why we call it "norwgian reset". We like to make fun of our neighbors in Norway ( I'm sure they do the same to us). When you have an issue with your electric (comuterized) equipment you just switch it off and on again, and the it works, Right?
We say, when norwgians have trouble whith their car, they switch it off, lock the doors, then unlock and restart it!
Disconnecting the cables and shorten them is just one step further. And it actually works - At least on Rovers...

By the way, I have now bought two of this for my cars: http://www.gunson.co.uk/content/imag...119_PIS_V2.pdf
Hopefully I will now have a chance to charge the battery before the discharge goes to far.

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