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Originally Posted by marinabrian View Post
You've previously indicated that, like me, you dislike Americanisms Brian. That's a point on your licence I'm afraid.

"Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble."
Sir Henry Royce.
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Originally Posted by Arctic View Post
Hi Phil.
Yes it is best if you or any member could get hold of genuine water pump, I note that the above seller Nick also does the Continental pump you fit with the kits & stand alone.

I dismissed them because the reputation of the CD clutch kits ? how have you found these water pumps when you have done the belts ?



There are these as well ? hopefully not confusing it all, they do the gates belts as well, which I recently fitted to my FL2 different engine mind, reference for fact about gates belts.

Selecting parts like these can be confusing, the word "genuine" has to be taken with a pinch of salt as many parts that come in the MGRover boxes are not from the same manufacturer that original supplied them during production.

I have got to know Nick and the guys at E-Car Parts (BS Motors at Sandy) quite well and we have had lots of chats about replacement parts many times, which ones are good, which ones are bad, which suppliers offer the best backup service etc and based on these i choose to use the CD waterpumps, they use them in their workshop and they have the lowest percentage of returns based on actual use and supply.

*touch wood* i have not had any problems with the CD pumps, they fit perfectly and have a good seal.
MGR T4 Services

Servicing and Repairs Available,
KV6 Cambelts from £400
Clutches from £400

Telephone 07538 738070 or email

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Quick note in case no one mentioned it yet, the Freelander V6 thermostat is not interchangeable with the Rover. The hoses connection are different and of different height.
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