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Old 29th March 2024, 11:15   #1
This is my second home
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Default Alexa reminders

From time to time we have to decipher our Alexa reminders.

Cows in Truro = Towels in Tourer
Bubble sex = Rubble sacks

Some we have no idea what we wanted to be reminded about.
How you any odd reminders come from Alexa?

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Old 29th March 2024, 12:18   #2
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Another reminder.

EVERYTHING that Alexa hears and says is stored in a computer file behind a cloud somewhere.

Alexa's mic is always on!
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Old 29th March 2024, 12:33   #3
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I don’t honestly see the point of having one. I was given one “free” with my new BT account when I moved house. But to get it working I had to register with Amazon. And I will not deal with Amazon after they cloned my credit card twice. Naturally they denied it.

So I sold the Alexa to another forum member.

234,360. Getting ready to rock n roll.

onen hag oll
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Old 30th March 2024, 22:24   #4
Posted a thing or two
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Mee too bob. I dont have anything to do with them.All goes back years ago when i had an account. Just could not get rid of them .. Did eventually , but never again...
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Old 31st March 2024, 18:27   #5
This is my second home
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Well, I on the other hand love Alexa and my home automation that I can control with it.
Security cameras, video doorbell, smart plugs, lighting, A/C and heating for home. Photography studio lighting, cctv and heating. Boat systems monitoring/control for Bilge pumps, anchor pro monitoring system, dehumidifiers, engine room frost heaters and immersion/calorifier etc all work seamlessly with our Alexa Show units. Each to their own but I love them
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Old 31st March 2024, 21:39   #6
This is my second home
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Originally Posted by coolcat View Post
Well, I on the other hand love Alexa and my home automation that I can control with it.
You sure you are controlling them?

T4 Location Map
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Old 21st May 2024, 08:33   #7
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I love using Alexa for reminders; it's super handy to just tell Alexa to remind me about something, and it takes care of the rest. I've found it especially useful for keeping track of my daily to-dos and appointments.
Speaking of organizing and staying on top of things, I've recently started using Virtudesk for some of my business tasks. Their customer service is fantastic, and they really help take a load off with administrative work. If you're looking for a way to streamline your tasks even further, you might want to check them out.

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