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Old 27th May 2022, 11:24   #11
Gate Keeper
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Originally Posted by Mick Brownhill View Post
I retired from nursing after 45 years 3 years ago. First thing I did was bin the alarm clock. Its the best thing I have done. I love being retired but the weather could be kinder. I have begun renovating my 1938 Morris 8 Tourer, the garden has never looked better, there are not enough hours in a day. I am selling my caravan due to wife's ill health and so the 4x4 will also go to be replaced by a 75. I will spend a lot of time going to club meets and stuff. I fully recommend retirement. No work stress or worrying about the job.
I think I understand what you mean about no work or stress from the job. I worked for many years in the NHS as a registered nurse ward manager in London and hated the work politics, the issues of budgeting and saving money, bully micro management, I donít miss. No problems with patient care. Following a serious accident and medical retirement plus 2 years undergoing physio/rehabilitation, I went back to work and retrained/qualified NVQ level 4 and became a manager of a care home in Hackney (Forensic Psychiatry). 20 years doing MediVacs air ambulance in my spare time. Eventually retired and donít miss any of it.

When I came out to Kenya, I worked as a volunteer for a charity in the slums of Nairobi attending to the children and adults with mental illness and epilepsy. No money, just wanted to do my bit for humanity.

Health these days could be better but I make the best of things. All in all we have a good life.

Do enjoy your retirement and Rover 75.
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Martin Butler
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I have not yet retired, but will be doing so in October, Will i miss my job,? not in the slightest, I only work part time, but that involves getting up at 03 20 Each week day, no way will I be doing that, other than that i have a dog that requires a lot of exercise, 3-4 walks a day, so i won't be sitting idle, Money wise, I'm on minimum wage, so retirement will not see me any worse off, i might even be better off, as the new state pension is greater than what I take home as it is,
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Old 27th May 2022, 13:09   #13
This is my second home
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Been off with an operation needing a new head due to a food,and it’s waiting a time, but could wait for months. I have been off almost a year and could be off for another 5 months if I get waited until January next year, but my doctor wants to get me seen do sooner if it possible.
Cheers. RichÖ
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Old 27th May 2022, 15:04   #14
I will find or make a way
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I just cannot believe my luck. I really enjoyed my job which Iíd had for 25 years and had worked through various levels. The company, a national commercial institution which had recently opened offices in China (!), decided to reorganise and wanted to offer a full term pension to all those employees over 50.

The notice of this offer arrived in the post on my 50th birthday. Best birthday card I ever had. Er, except the one from Celia on our first date of course. Obviously. And Iíve still got her present of a tie Ė black, with a representation of a guitar fretboard with silver strings with dots and frets (I used to play a bit before I came south in 1961).

No argument, first in the queue, no matter how much I enjoyed it. We travelled for two years. Then at 52 I opened a new business around my long term hobby in the world of stained glass. The whole works, such as church windows with a domestic or commercial flavour. I also did a Mess window for a branch of the army. Within eighteen months it was obvious the premises I was in was hopelessly inadequate for the business potential.

We expanded into a huge corner shop in a very busy high street. Before long I was working seven days a week with design and bench work plus students taking my classes. I had to engage two skilled fitters for installations. Never was I happier.

Then it was 2008. My instincts from the earlier job in the insurance world told me a recession was obviously on the cards. It coincided with the renewal of the lease that would have been 10 years long. Time to take stock. We closed and sold everything, everything, in the shop and walked away. What did I enjoy most? The most wonderful thing about it all was that four of my students went on to open their own businesses.

In conclusion: do what you like so long as you enjoy it. Put as much into it as you should have put into your previous position. Donít retire, thatís how you get older. For how long is up to the individual.
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Old 27th May 2022, 20:03   #15
Doesn't do things by halves
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Originally Posted by wraymond View Post
Don’t retire, that’s how you get older.

Another great maxim!

"Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble."
Sir Henry Royce.
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Old 27th May 2022, 20:17   #16
This is my second home
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I just wish that I could have retired at 17, when I had the energy to do all the things that I want to do now! I hate not being able to do most of the things that I could easily do only ten years ago. I have to organize to do the things that I can do and ignore the things that I now can't!!!

Bucket lists tend to become wish lists when your brain says Yes and your body says No!

Covid has robbed me of two good years, so I am looking forward to some extra holidays and trips out with the family to make up for lost time.
Oil in my veins!
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Old 28th May 2022, 00:00   #17
Phil th Barrow
Gets stuck in
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I listened. Nowt changed

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Old 28th May 2022, 09:45   #18
Ian G
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I worked until I was 65 and have been retired for 7 years now and have no problem filling my days with things to do.
One big benefit of retirement is that after spending much of my life working outdoors in all weather if it's raining I can stay indoors, another bonus is that as senior citizens we've been invited to attend two afternoon tea events next week in celebration of her majesties jubilee
The man behind redfive

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Old 28th May 2022, 10:50   #19
This is my second home
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Originally Posted by Ian G View Post
..........another bonus is that as senior citizens we've been invited to attend two afternoon tea events next week in celebration of her majesties jubilee

You should be careful, I imagine some of the 'senior citizen' parties could get a bit wild and saucy!
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This is my second home
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This morning
fitted jockey wheel back on to caravan
fitted new inner tube to trailer wheel but inner tube fault so removed it
mowed some garden
dug away some soil so a gate opens
strimmed some garden
cut down some doc leaves
filled strimmer with fuel
now lunch
will mow some more garden
cut down more doc leaves
check how well central heating has drained
depending on time, cut into central heating pipes
cook dinner
watch champions league final

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