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Default Corfu Children.

A letter from some children in Corfu on the proposal to build a skatepark there:-
"“We have been reading and watching what is written and reported about the Garitsa Park for quite some time now and it is time to do something about it...

We cannot understand how a regeneration project is going to involve so much concrete, while at the same time so much greenery will be lost and so many trees will be cut down! We cannot understand how, at a time when all the countries and all Greek regions are planting trees, we are going to uproot so many of them, making the fauna that lives in them go away, and replace them with concrete. Where is the ecological consciousness in all this process? Where is the environmental empathy? From elementary until high school, we had been learning about the importance of the environment, we had been going on trips to places in nature with lots of greenery, we had been volunteering to preserve what is giving us life...

Enough with the concrete, enough with the grey landscape and enough with the indifference of the Municipal Authorities for our future! We, the young people, are opposed to the construction of a 900sq.m. skate park in Garitsa using tons of concrete, which will result in many precious trees to be cut down and the animals that live in them to go away. The Garitsa Park is full of trees, alleys and greenery. Any intervention with concrete will be a disaster.

The skate park can be built in another part of Corfu Town, without harming the natural landscape, while there is already one in Alykes. The Garitsa Park has been abandoned for so many years. It is given a chance to regain its lost glory and become a landscape that will make us proud of its trees, flowers and aura; become worthy of the history and culture of Corfu.

Another thing that cannot be logically explained is the fact that the new trees that will be planted will kill the rest. The acacia saligna, which will replace the already living and legal trees, is banned by the EU and Greek legislation, as they are considered to be invasive alien species that destroy the natural landscape. Who can approve such a study?! As young people, we are obliged to preserve our present and future. We will oppose decisions that do not make sense, destroy nature and do not take the future into account.

Nature is something that cannot easily be found in towns. We have the Garitsa Park which is a treasure and we are going to destroy it. Who will explain all this?!We are asking those of you who want the greenery and the trees that give life to the Park's fauna to remain, to please contribute to our efforts to be heard."

So refreshing to read.
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