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Old 22nd October 2019, 22:39   #1
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Default IPK self repairs

My IPK had become virtually unreadable, loads of vertical blank lines. Went on unusually long trip for me today. After nearly 100miles the IPK was only missing a couple of lines and was easily readable. I wonder what the self repair mode was? I hope it stays fixed as I was planning to remove it to attempt a repair myself ,not necessary now.
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Old 23rd October 2019, 06:22   #2
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Question Could be this..

Based on my observations of SIX MG ZTs, I'm of the opinion that these are heat sensitive. Maybe the internal electrical contacts are involved. Appears Cold Days the problem occurs then if the car is used and gets thoroughly warmed up, there is some or complete "Self-Heal".

It appears to vary with temperatures both outside the car ~ cold from lack of use ~ or inside the car when say on longer run with full heat on. I do not like a cold car and have the heat on at a level which my better half feels is too warm for her. So she turns it down or opens a window.

Guessing here but IPK electrical contacts possibly involves some light surface corrosion thus could be heat sensitive. I once "fiddled" with the blank small display on a Rover 620ti and the operation was restored.... I suspect again electrical continuity plays a part here but again, just a hunch. Bit like when slapping a rear light assembly and lo... bulb lights up.
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Old 23rd October 2019, 07:05   #3
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They don't stay fixed if they get cold again though it will start to go again. ��
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Old 23rd October 2019, 09:13   #4
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Contact Rick at MG Rover Custom parts, a trader on here. He does a delining service or if he can still get the IPK displays replace it. He did my 75 last year and having watched him solder the new display unless you are competent with fine electronic soldering I would recommend leaving it to him.
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Old 24th October 2019, 21:32   #5
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It's a breakdown of the carbon tracks in the ribbon cable to the screen just before the LCD signal processor.
Heat and vibration both cause and temporarily repair this.
Constantly using the mph display on long trips can make it degrade further as the system was only designed for intermittent use when a message was displayed..
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