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Originally Posted by Darcydog View Post
But no doubt those “in charge” will feel society has let HIM down rather than the other way round.
Until such time as those no longer fit for purpose "In charge" quit knee-jerk always seeking to justify and find excuses for such types, along with aiding and abetting by our "Something must be done" PC-Riddled to excess meejah, these problems will only get worse and become more widespread.

Meantime, I'm off to "Hug a Hoodie" like the one who "keyed" four panels on my 620ti as he passed by! NOTHING DONE!

Close relative had broken nose in City Centre in a failed "Mugging" ... all on CCTV but, again due to circumstances, the boys in blue ticked a box or two in the office and did NOTHING!

Today's hub cap thief is a future murderer... IT'S CRIME PROGRESSION .... Get away with minor crimes and move on progressively.

Back in the day compulsory Military Service was a real benefit for the Nation as well as millions of individuals. It taught folks a wide variety of useful skills along with how to behave and actually earn a living and really contribute to the benefit of all.
"That car's bad-looking Man... Get somethin' else." [ E. Cochran 1959 ]...

It has to be made to make sense... with emphasis on MADE in GB
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