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This is my second home
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Default Iss

Laid in bed last night, I happened to spot the full Moon, exactly appearing to be balanced on the tip of the spire of our local church. It was a very clear sky and a few seconds later I spotted ISS (International Space Station) fly over and tried to point it out to SWMBO, but just too late. She admitted she had never seen it.

I have seen it go over many times without knowing it was due, but there are apps to help suggest when it can be seen, where to look for it. It can sometimes be seen during daylight if the sun catches it, but it is much more obvious just before dawn, or just after dark, as the sun catches it and lights it up in the sky. It shows up as a bright star, except moving across the sky at high speed.

MIR was likewise visible, until it came down and I actually chatted briefly with MIR, back in the day.


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I do find it interesting to watch the ISS go over; odd though, as it will always be the same speed and doing the same thing.

I use heavens-above.com to track and view it. Obviously the intensity will vary and that will be affected by the position of the sun.
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This is my second home
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If you are watching the sky, there will be a partial lunar eclipse today and tomorrow.

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