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Old 26th October 2017, 13:48   #41
Posted a thing or two
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Interesting posts above.

I started in around 1968 with a Morris Minor second hand, and soon after passing my test went after a Vauxhall Cresta, just loved big cars, had a few Zephyr's then a succession of Mini's one a Cooper which I did a swap for a Triumph TR2, then swapped for another Mini.

After that had all kinds of cars including a Dodge Custom Royal with push button auto select gears. It wasn't until many years later when I bought my first new vehicle a Metro van.

Then over the years had a 4.2 Jag, two new Renault Espace and a VW Transporter van costing circa 17K with VAT, rear wipers split back doors etc.Had a collection of Alpha's.

Again years later a whole range of second hand cars some good some bad but mainly good, especially the Saab's none rusty one bit.The KIA was the rustiest car I've bought for long time.

Now I don't value any used car past £400, due to cost of parts, after the 75 Tourer came my current driver a VW Passat 2.0 s 20 valve petrol only 83K miles, just had to replace the passenger window regulator and a back door has deadlocked parts on ebay quite cheap, leaks water in to both foot wells German engineering my bum

A strange thing, the VW had a rust hole about 2" in the middle of the front wheel arch, when I dug it out there was a sponge/foam strip right were the rust hole was, I've noticed a few more like it on the road. The KIA rotten sills pic above also had a foam/sponge strip right were it rotted out, obviously collects and holds water. Is it a design fault or what?

As my garage is up to the roof in junk I usually work outside, I'm waiting until next spring to buy another 75 or MG

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Old 28th October 2017, 09:46   #42
This is my second home
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Hi John.
How funny life is with cars. I've had a few British cars and a lot of foreign ones. In shear numbers of the foreign one's in order are these.
Skoda, Citroen, BMW, Audi, Fiat, DAF, Lada, Nissan.
Of the British ones in order it's, Rover/MG, Ford, Reliant, Austin, Commer Imp van.
Now I was slated so many times for the Skodas but never had one single breakdown in them, the DAF, Audi and Fiats also were trouble free, the BMW, Lada and the Nissan a primera being less than good, the Nissan being the worst car I've owned.
Of the British ones, the Ford's were well below average, worn engines at low mileage, rust and many other issues, far worse than any of my many Skodas were. The mini and a short time with an 1100 were brilliant years ahead of Escorts and MK 1 Fiestas. Although the Imp was a wonderful car, nippy, good handler and great on fuel the cooling system was a joke. If they had taken the radiator out of where it was and put it where Skoda had theirs in the MB & S series it would never have got all the road dirt reducing airflow, one overheat on the Imp and it was curtains for the head and often for the block.

Cheers Trevor.

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Old 12th April 2019, 17:40   #43
I really should get out more.......
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Anymore updates on this thread? Interesting read so far.
Would like to know how the MG3 is getting on and if anymore owners have stories to tell.
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Old 12th April 2019, 20:53   #44
This is my second home
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Exclamation UK Car consumers want SUV/Crossovers now.

Originally Posted by victorgte View Post
Anymore updates on this thread? Interesting read so far.
Would like to know how the MG3 is getting on and if anymore owners have stories to tell.
Victor with the mass move of car enthusiasts away from web sites like this to Facebook. There are several Chinese MG groups growing there. Post a similar request and no doubt there will be some who have had issues as is the case with just about any car.

The MG3 is very popular locally. Have photographed three parked in my street over the past few years. Far more frequently seen than the MG6 which appealed to me, but not the vast army of must have an SUV/Crossover types so never sold many locally..

Talking of MG SUVs, the MG ZS SUV has been selling well locally, see far more around than the MG3! Parked my ZT-T next to a lady's MG ZS SUV in the supermarket car park a few weeks ago. Got talking to her as she loaded her shopping into the ample load space. She told me she usually buys new Fords but, this MG SUV is the best car she's ever had!
"That car's bad-looking Man... Get somethin' else." [ E. Cochran 1959 ]...

It has to be made to make sense... with emphasis on MADE in GB
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