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Originally Posted by 75driver View Post
Oi, I like the colour😀
It’s like “I’m finished”, “are you?“, “I might be, who can tell?”

Unions, They’re my favourite wheels (well, not too shabby, without having to shell out),
Gearbox.... well, I don’t know, but I’d hope it has one.😂

Price... mmm, ok, it might seem a bit high, but, then again, are there a stockpile I don’t know about, with less than 75k?

If it were on my door step, I’d be having a pooch to have a gander at the “old man suit and half plastic seats, and a a no hole switch panel in 400 grit wet and dry”

Pity, they are few and far between in NI.😢

But, sometimes gives us an excuse for a day out across the water.😬

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I have a luxurious facelift Classicasseur CDTi SE in an actual colour, with real leather seats, walnut stuff, no water leaks, and working windows

Less miles than the advertised ZT and with three operational pedals it can be purchased for half the price if desired

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