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I've never assumed that Turtle Wax could resist salt which is so corrosive a substance, which one could?
We are lucky not to get salt on the roads here: that's enough with dust and mud and as I'm retired I try as much as possible not to drive my lovely Rovers when the weather is bad. Only my wife is taking her daily 25 out at any condition. After my 75 and my 214 cabby it'll be her turn very soon.
Rover 75 V6 2.5 Auto Connie born 1 July 1999, 24 kOhms resistor, 10 kOhms manual starter, full E85, modified airbox, full derestricted SS exhaust line, power & torque remap -> 202 bhp
  • This vehicle was the 7,517th 75 to run off the production line, out of 112,381
  • This vehicle was the 1,190th 75 2.5 V6 Contemporary to be made out of 8,214
  • This vehicle was the 2,032nd 75 in Atlantic Blue Pearlescent (code: JEY) to be made out of 2,572 Atlantic Blue Pearlescent 75s
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