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Originally Posted by HarryM1BYT View Post
Yes, I have it able to connect to any of my 4x access points (two of each variety) - all working fine. I just wondered about what it might do if I got it a mobile data package, in regards to switching between mobile and wifi.

If it defaults to wifi when wifi is available that is what I want. I see it can also support tethering, so I could use it whilst away in the caravan for my laptop's access. I presently use a a separate gadget to give wifi from Three 4g. So potentially one less gadget and one less mobile package.

It will automatically go to Wi-fi and will also give you Wi-fi phone calls. Tethering is excellent too, I use it for my iPad when on the odd occasion I take it out of the house, I couldn’t see the point of a cellular iPad when I can tether to the phone to make FaceTime calls etc
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