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I will tell you how I see this panning out. I would be interested to see what you think.
I already have this diagnostics code working on the Pi.
I already have some web server code working on the Pi.
It is already possible to run a Pi as a WiFi access point.

I think I should write a new front end for my Pi software which, instead of using a normal GUI (X client, buttons, text box, mouse click) it could instead render itself as a website. It would create html on the fly so that instead of a button on an X client it would be an html link on a webpage.

It would work like this on your android head unit.
To access the Internet you would select your phone or 4G router or whatever as the access point.
To diagnose faults you would connect to the "pscan" hotspot which would actually be the Pi.
Then you would go to your web browser and a webpage would appear.
On the webpage you would have options to select the ECU that you want to connect too, and then further pages to read error codes or erase them or whatever.

Does this sound like what someone with a setup like yours would like? is offline