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For the inner geek wanting to see how you can read live MEMS data from halfway across a carpark, see

This in itself isn't particularly useful, but it seeds the idea of being able to "throw" data at another device. As I take my MGs on track pretty frequently, the idea of integrating this into something like the Harry's Laptimer app is really very appealing. I am looking at this as a diagnostic device with potential spin-off benefits

I don't have any conflicts to declare - I am not associated with Philip's company and have no financial interests, but I am interested in a device that can read faults from elderly Rovers and MGs, and have therefore been helping Philip with this by donating my cars to test.

Great to hear that things went so well after you left Friern Barnet Philip - we had great results on the MGs, Land Rovers and Lotus cars tested.

I hadn't realised that the S2 Elise was only working in generic EOBD mode? Hopefully you'll be able to crack that too.

For me, as an owner of two MGFs (MEMS1.9 and soon MEMS2J and or MEMS3), an '03 MG ZTT CDTi and the in-law's '04 MG ZS120, having a reliable diagnostic tool that can read and reset faults (and also service counter on the ZTT) is brilliant. For T4 stuff, I'll go to one of the guys here with a T4. I reckon they're complimentary
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