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Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
Evening all...

What a glorious hot day we've all had, far too hot for little doggies.

These UV protection tents seem to help keep them cool.

A classic Wes with an MG, 2 ladies and a game of cards

I was scouring the internet and came across a thread about dash cams you posted up. I liked the link to LightInTheBox dot com, thanks for that. In the past I used a GoPro3 as a dash cam. Great in 4K, but it was rubbish for image stability. One of the OC members sent me a link about the GW512 but it was lacking in anti-shake. I looked at Lightroom and there were 43 different models to choose from which have image stability. Why anti shake? In essence, for taking the 4x4 off-road in Africa. Have you any experience of using Spy glasses covertly? I would like to be able to video the African police trying to bribe me at a road block.

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