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Great day on the ZTT - did a dry run putting the front all back together - I like to clean all the bolts and copper grease them or replace if knackered. - Years of struggling with corroded bolts and fixings have given me a hatred of old bolts.

Anyway - the good news is that the replacement fan bought via here works!!


New a/c condenser and so just as the summer ends I will get my aircon working “nose cone” is still off but all else refitted.

Only issue is the bonnet release cables jamming - one is not where it went originally as my attention slipped - but whilst it is not kinked in anyway - 16 year old cables do get a bit cranky so I’ll strip it down again tomorrow, re lubricate the cables (Why did I not do that as a matter of course!!! ) and put it all back.

Goes for MOT and re gas on Wednesday so pleased everything has gone so well.

Winter job will be changing the brushes on the original fan.
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