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Default NEW! 75/ZT polished stainless underbonnet mirror panels

NEW! Rover 75/MG ZT Stainless Under Bonnet Mirror Pannels!

As some of you may have already seen, I've had some polished stainless steel under bonnet mirror panels made for my ZT for the Lancaster classic car show at the NEC. This proved to be very eye catching and popular at the show getting quite a bit of attention.

If there's enough interest, I am thinking of arranging a batch run of these under bonnet mirror panels. Ideally need an interest in at least 10 sets to secure the best price.

These are manufactured in the UK, and are lazer cut.

PRICE: If we can achieve 10 orders these will be 120 a set + postage, which is a lot cheaper than nearly 200 I paid for my set as I ordered only 1 set to trial fit on my ZT.

This is the cheapest quote I could get, as I tried 5 different firms in the UK, all which quoted higher than this, one quoted over 350!

The quality of the finish is very good, with a mirror like finish. Most who saw them at the NEC thought they were actual mirror glass panels.

If you'd be interested in a set drop me a reply below If there is enough interest straight away I could arrange to have a batch done on this side of Christmas.

Also, if there's enough interest I could do these for other models as well such as the 25/ZR, 45/ZS and MGF/TF.


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