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Originally Posted by robbrooks View Post

I only needed to buy one L-Shaped hose which the long end was longer than needed. The off cut was exactly the same length as the OE short hose the other side of the coolant T-Piece. 15 well spent and given the quality on strength of the new hoses, they will outlast the car.

Do you know if this is the same hose for the CDT Rover 75. If so could you please point me to the link.
Cannot really help as I don't "do" diesels. Last one I had was over ten years ago. A Rover 600 Diesel. This one. :~

I like to support UK and local industry. Leeds is a tad oop norf.

Here in Gloucester we have Forge Motor Sport. I took my burst hose along to them and in their massive store round the back, the helpful guy there sorted through what were hundreds of storage boxes and shelves after measuring the length. inner and outer diameter of my hose and checking the database. Never realised there were so many different hoses...Soon found one which suited my needs. I bought two. I would have preferred black but that size only available in Blue. Interestingly, he told me that it would cost about 200 to tool up and produce just about any hose... that sewed the seeds of a possible group buy for hoses NLA.

By the way, nice enough car but, driving that 600 Diesel to achieve the same point-to-point journey times as in my 620ti Petrol Turbos, not much better MPG. Its all about that right foot as most folks know...
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