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There are specialists in these various motor hoses and almost certainly there will be one available that fit matches closely or even perfectly.

When the top coolant hoses on my 1.8Ts ZT-T "exploded" dumping all the coolant very quickly all over the hot turbocharger, I used local car aftermarket parts specialist [ FORGE Motor Sport in Gloucester ] for replacements. I wanted black but, the only ones which wee an ideal fit were in bright blue.

By the way, both those OE top hoses spit along manufacturing seams.The were very fatigued after fourteen years of hot-cold engine cycles.

I only needed to buy one L-Shaped hose which the long end was longer than needed. The off cut was exactly the same length as the OE short hose the other side of the coolant T-Piece. 15 well spent and given the quality on strength of the new hoses, they will outlast the car.

This is what happened to two top hoses on the ZT-T 1.8T ( both 2004-5 reg ) whilst earlier ZTs in my ownership never had such manufacturing seam splits. car.

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