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Default Ni / ROI Monthly meet - March 3rd 2019

Fourth in our "headgasket heroes" mid morning meets for mgrover cars. Much like cars and coffee except with a higher likelyness of someone boiling an engine...... Mornings for a while seeing as its to dark and cold after 5pm for a meet.

Just turn up, chat and carry on. Location McDonald's at the Boulevard Banbridge (formally the outlet), park in the Tesco side of the car park gives us loads of space as before.

Times from 11am to 2pm, we never have any hassle at these. All we ask is you behave and drive sensible at the facilities.

Please note

Incase of emergency Colin Robson is fully trained in first aid, cpr and covered by St John's so your in good hands. Please always contact him if there is any problems or if you have concerns in advance.

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