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Default reverse view Camera for MG5 and MG7


I ahve not received any feedback as to whether this camera will fit the ZT's and '75's

Camera is 64$
Wireless is $58.00
Shipping with the head Units would be Included
Separate shippng is 48$

Here is a photo of the camera below.
They have true SONY Lens and are CCD (As opposed to CMOS). CCD is well know for better night vision. There are manufactures of RV cameras that are selling them for about 30& but they are not the quality of these. I won't get involved with the cheaper units because it is hit and miss as to functioning.

They can be purchased as wireless or wired form. The wired means running a wire from the rear to the head unit. With Wireless you purchase a transmitter which is mounted in the boot and a receiver which is mounted under the dash and is connected to the RVC In on the head unit.

This saves running the wire through the car and we sell many many many and they work without problems. I have never had a malfunction or return.

By the way, This is MY Website regarding the cameras in case you may think that we are novices there also !


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