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Originally Posted by Rover 75 2.0 CDTi View Post
Hi again,

So my cooling fan blade has become detached from the motor... again. This is the second time it's happened but I can't bring myself to take it back to the same local garage to get all the same rubbish from them.

Looking up the mechanism, I reckon if I take the front bumper off I'll be able to reattach it easily. Looks like it just twists onto some lugs.

Has anyone else had this problem repeatedly? Also, is it possible to remove the blades without taking off that metal bar in front of the fan? If possible, I'd take the current one off and replace it with one from the local scrapyard.

Cheers, Jake
Hi Jake.
I had a member at our place 10 days or so ago, same problem his fan blade had detached it's self from the fan motor so he/we thought until we took the bumper off, once off we found some one had also botched his fan to make it run buy removing the control box and wiring it up to the battery neg and a positive somewhere with in the car? anyway thats another story.

Yes bumper off followed by crash bar off then use a socket slim enough to fit onto the fan nut and also so you can guide the fan blade over the socket to twist it back on, you may decide to source another blade or if you use the one you already have drill and grub screw it in place.

by the way the fan blade is released by turning clockwise the same way the fan runs, and to re-attach anti-cloclwise as below.

photo's below only as a guide line for you but you will need to hold the still while you turn the blade anti-clockwise to to attach it back onto the lugs cheers Arctic
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