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Dawn 26th August 2019 15:04

Wet look tyres
What is the best wet look application that doesn't want doing every 24 hours lol? Years ago I got some stuff through the Mk2 Granada club you put on with a little sponge pad and it was amazing. Nothing I buy at the moment seems to work. It all seems to be spray on stuff that doesn't even last to get to a show in some cases! Not looking for breaking the bank, but something I can use more than for shows to keep them looking nice. Ta! :)

KWIL 26th August 2019 15:28

Try this Gyeon Q2 Tire it works well on rubber trim and also plastic (Scuttle panel and around door mirrors etc.)

Odd Job 28th August 2019 08:57

Simoniz wet look tyre shine gets my vote.

Lasts for a good while before you need to re-apply.

Just don't get it on your clothes!!!

baxlin 28th August 2019 10:11

Iíve used Meguiars Endurance for years

roverbarmy 9th September 2019 15:47

The last time I "shined" my tyres I had to have a puncture repaired and the tyre fitter went loopy as it was all over everything he touched! :o

jackatesme 9th September 2019 17:08

I recently used Auto Glym,well pleased.Also used on engine cover,gave it a good spraying and leave it to dry(don't wipe),takes a while. Gives off a great shiny finish.

coolguy 9th September 2019 17:30

Autoglym Rubber Plus. Unfortunately only available in 5 litre cans,(c£30), but very economical in use as you paint it on (thinly!). Only on my second can in 3 years, and I do have a large fleet! Usually available at most classic car shows.

trebor 11th September 2019 17:44

I have tried many but settled with Autoglym High Performance Tyre Gel which I can highly recommend, use a kitchen sponge or cut a piece of sponge to size and after every use put the sponge in a plastic bag to keep it moist and you will find that it lasts longer

Discofan 23rd November 2019 16:40

My long term favourite is Turtle wax 'wet n black'. I don't spray it though, I apply using a paint brush. Find it hard to locate sometimes and wish it came in bigger size.

stevestrat 23rd November 2019 16:46

I was helping my mate with his taxi business. He had the brilliant idea to use some tyre shine stuff on the rubber floor mats, made the thing virtually undriveable! Trying to operate the pedals your heel kept slipping on the mat, ended up throwing the mats in the boot.

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