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75 & ZT Club Subscription
With the 75 & ZT Club you only subscribe if you want to. Your subscription will help keep the club going by offsetting some of our running costs. Becoming a subscribed member lets you see all the forums, as well as full use of your For Sale & Wanted section, and you will be able to send/receive more PMs, will get more upload space, can use a custom avatar and upload animated signatures. Click here to subscribe (you need to be a registered user to do this).

Forum Rules
Welcome to the club forum FAQ!

This is the best archive of information on how to keep your 75 or ZT on the road and in excellent condition. The content is almost entirely from club members and as a result of their own experience - so remember it's sound advice being given.

The club is also a community, and these forums are a great place to talk about subjects other than your car. You'll see we have a social section which you will find all sorts of subjects being discussed.

Overall these forums are provided to help you, no matter how insignificant the task. These forums are also free to read and to make contributions, but we do have a framework of rules which are set out below. The rules are to help ensure the place remains friendly and non-confrontational where people respect the opinions and beliefs of others. Extra clarification of the Club Rules may often be found as "Stickies" at the heads of the relevant forums.

1. You should remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forums at all times. You may obviously not agree with some views but do not let it descend into arguments or abuse, either publicly or via the Private Messaging (PM) facility. If you consider a post to be offensive then you should report it, not take matters into your own hands.

2. You may not use obscene language within the forums. These forums use a swear filter that will delete words contained within its list. The system works by replacing the offending word with a series of asterisks. However, we have a lot of children that read the forums, generally with a parent or the slightly older ones on their own. Parents can have some difficulty in explaining what all the *** words are and more so those that are typed in e.g. t**t. In light of this and our determination to ensure these forums are suitable for any age group to view, you must also not attempt to evade the swear filter by any means including:

2.1 using special characters to blank out part of the word
2.2 using spaces between letters
2.3 adding offensive terms inside other words
2.4 misspelling the word
2.5 using a language other than English for an offensive word or term

Ignoring this rule may result in a warning for invoking the swear filter and a summary ten-day ban for deliberate evasion, followed by a permanent ban for repeated non-compliance. This is at the discretion of the Moderators and / or Owner. Basically there is no need to use such language. So don't.

3. Consider carefully your username and profile information. We do not allow details that will cause offence to others or be of an adult, belittling, childish or frivolous nature.

4. You may not publish or provide links to content that is unlawful, abusive, or a nature deemed to be adult, racist, or derogatory to minorities or gender.

5 You are prohibited from posting any material that may infringe on any intellectual property rights, copyright or trademark or any rights of any third party.

5.1 This Club does not condone piracy of software in any shape or form. Please do not discuss piracy in any way or post links to anything which may involve piracy. If you are ever in doubt over whether a post would be illegal or not, please do not post it.

6 You may not publish non-contributory or irrelevant information. This is considered to be forum spamming.

6.1 You may not "Troll" the forums - A "troll" is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community such as this, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Breaches of this rule could well result in an immediate ban being served.

7 You may not re-publish content that has been removed by a forum moderator. If you have a query regarding a deleted post then you should ask a forum moderator via the PM facility, where you will be given details as appropriate.

7.1 Where a thread has been closed by a Moderator, for whatever reason, you may not continue the subject of the closed thread in a new one.

8 Private Messages and personal emails between members are just that, private. You may not re-publish such content in open form.

8.1 The PM or e-mail facility should not be used for unsolicited spamming by any member of the forum - If you are receiving such correspondence please inform a moderator, who will assist.

8.2 The use of signature links or User Title text referring to third party websites is prohibited. This gives undue prominence to sites that may be seeking to use the club as a platform to raise their on-line profile. We dissuade the use of the club as a billboard in this way. However, trader members may include clickable links to their own off-site web presences. Links to other car clubs or fora known to actively support the 75 & ZT Club, may be permitted providing they are included on the list of club endorsed websites which can be found Here If you are in any doubt, please ask.

9. You may not attempt to collect personal information of other members, harvest email addresses or use the content of these forums for commercial gain.

10. Do not advertise commercial products unless it is to aid another member with a problem.

11.You are prohibited from taking any action to disturb the use of the forum by other members in any way.

12. Multiple logins are not allowed, ALL accounts which prove to be multiple accounts held by the same user, will be removed including the original and a ban served on the member concerned.

13. The club will not be held liable for any legal repercussions arising from the posts made by registered users. Any legal action which arises from a posting you make on The 75 & ZT Owners Club forum will be your own responsibility. The 75 & ZT Owners Club obligations under such circumstances would be to delete the offending message in order to comply with the law under the Defamation Act 1996. Any litigation for defamation, libel, or otherwise highly offensive or illegal content would then rest entirely with you as the "original author" of the content.

14. For Sale & Wanted Sections
We are keen to ensure that the ability to buy and sell items is as easy and convenient as possible to all people who frequent the club, so anyone can view the For Sale & Wanted sections. However, due to continued abuse by opportunists and profiteers there are some important points with which you are required to comply.

14.1 Use of the For sale section is for Subscribed Members and Subscribed Traders only. If you wish to advertise an item in this section you are required to subscribe as a member or Trader. To do this, click on the Subscribe button at the top of any forum page (Potential Traders need to contact a Moderator first via PM or the Contact Us button for full instructions and options). The club cannot be held liable for any adverts published for the sale of goods and or services, either by members or by any other organisation

Members listing allowance
Subscribed members = unlimited items per month *subject to a fair use policy
Unsubscribed members = 0 items per month
Subscribed traders = unlimited items per month

Fair Use Policy
Whilst we are keen to see members help fellow members by placing their unwanted items in the for sale section, the unlimited allowance of items for Red Subscribed members will be subject to a fair use policy. This refers to any member who repeatedly uses these forums exclusively for the listing of goods or services and little else.

In such cases, posting history will be reviewed and a judgement made on whether a particular member is just using our boards as a business platform to turn a profit. In such cases a trader subscription will be required, or listed items will be removed and additional steps taken.

This rule has had to be introduced in order to protect the value of the trading subscription on our boards for those who pay a premium to make a living here and in so doing, help to support the club in meeting it's financial liabilities.

14.2 Items posted for sale must carry the asking price. Asking for offers is not allowed. However, the only exception to this rule is when selling a vehicle as a whole, then the use of ONO or OVNO is permissible, as this is acceptable practice when selling cars

14.3 For your own personal security we do not allow the publication of members telephone numbers or email addresses. You must use the Private messaging facility or e-mail for this. Any such information will be removed by a Moderator, unless the member concerned is a Commercial Trader, whose contact details form part of their business.

14.4 While we are not liable for the actions of either a seller or a buyer, and prefer to not be involved in dispute resolution, we ask that you use common sense when offering an item for sale. Always ensure that payment has been made in full before releasing an item, and if there are any issues with providing your item to the person wishing to buy it you must communicate with them immediately and make arrangements to return any monies sent to you. As a buyer, you should always assure yourself that the seller is of good reputation before parting with any monies. The Club cannot be held responsible for any failure in transactions between individual buyer and seller. However the Moderators should be informed of any problems, via PM only, if there is a perceived issue with a Subscribed Trader.

14.5 Trawling the Items Wanted forum for sales by Registered Users is prohibited. Posts such as “I have one” etc will be removed by the Moderators and the user warned. Repeated breaches of this rule may result in an infraction and/or ban. Should you decide to support the club by subscribing, this rule will not apply.

15. There is no room on this forum for sexism, racism or religious bigotry. In addition your political views are yours, and yours alone. Other forums exist for the purpose of debating this topic. You may not use these forums to promote political beliefs or to encourage or persuade others to conform to your views.

16. If you publish content provided for the care and maintenance of the Rover 75 and MG ZT models, you are deemed to be donating it for the benefit of club members and have released copyright ownership to the club. When published you may not delete such information at any later date without providing the club the opportunity to save the content for future use.

17. If you are unhappy with a decision made by the moderators of the forum then you should inform the Directors of the club, either via the PM system or in writing via email to [email protected]. We treat grievances promptly and seriously, and do not allow public debate on such matters.

18. The use of the club's name, address, images and any Logos are strictly forbidden without obtaining prior permission in writing from the Directors or via the Moderators by PM or email.

Warnings & Infractions
The Club operates a penalty system on these boards that is on occasions used to notify members should they break forum rules. We know that most members would not do this knowingly or intentionally but sadly there will always be those who chose to ignore the rules. The system uses a points arrangement and the more points a member gets, the more chance they stand of having their account temporarily inhibited or in extreme cases, banned should they fail to comply.

There are two types of notifications:

Warning (Yellow Card). This is issued for information only and is used to advise the member that they have breached a rule and that no further action will be taken at this time. A record is kept of the notice however, and should the member repeat the offence they will get an Infraction.

Infraction (Red Card). This is used when either a member repeatedly breaches the forum rules or where it is their first transgression and we know that they were aware of their actions. Under normal circumstances an infraction will be issued after a warning notice has been given. Infractions have expiry dates and when an infraction expires, the points are removed from the members infraction point count.

If however you amass 5 or more points through infractions, your account will have restrictions placed upon it for a minimum 14 day period.

This is how you may be affected as a result:

Subscribed members PM capacity reduced from 75 to 10 messages / Registered users from 5 to 3 messages
You will no longer be able to start new threads.
You will no longer be able to create or vote in polls.
You will no longer be able to download attachments.
You will no longer be able to upload attachments.
You will no longer be able to edit your profile.
You will no longer be able to edit or delete your posts.
You will no longer be able to have a signature.
You will no longer be able to use invisible mode.
You will no longer be able to rate threads.

There are other subtle restrictions on forum access and these along with the above will last for the duration the restriction profile.
Should a member receive further infractions, the period of restricted access will be extended. This really is the last chance and should you receive any further warnings beyond that, you may be banned from these forums indefinitely.

Warnings and Infractions can only be seen by the member receiving one and the moderation team. Other members will not be able to see them and will not know if you have received one.

Failure to comply with any of the forum rules may result in your posts being deleted and your account being removed from the 75 & ZT Owners Club forum. The club reserves the right to amend or modify the rules without notice.

Board FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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